Need Ideas? Window Coverings for Your Doors

The beauty of the view and the use of our outdoor spaces – these things matter to us in the Denver area! However, you may feel like your greatest passage to your favorite things about Colorado is also the culprit of too many issues. Your doors can provide the view you enjoy, the natural light you love and access to fresh air, but your doors can also be a source of glaring light, drafty atmosphere and harmful UV rays. Have you found a solution? At Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, we have some great options when you need window coverings for your doors. Here are just a few of our favorites…


Privacy Matters

There is a good chance that you have sidelights, otherwise known as privacy windows. These narrow windows, placed on the outside of your front door, allow you to see who is knocking. They also let in light to brighten your – sometimes dark – entrance way. For most people, light control and energy efficiency are the big issues. Don’t worry – you have options! We can also help you figure out what to do with out-of-reach windows near the high ceiling of your foyer.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsDuette Shades

Window coverings for your doors and – more specifically – the sidelights next to your doors should provide insulation from the temperatures outside and control of the light as it enters your home. The clean, contemporary appeal of Duette Shades, will also provide privacy options. Levels of light control and privacy are available with opaque fabrics, as well as the convenient feature of top, down/bottom, up operation. The energy efficiency that comes from the cellular structure of these window coverings will prevent the draft that can often be felt in your entrance way. The colors, fabrics and textures of Duette Shades will add elements of style to complement your home’s decor.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsSilhouette Window Shadings

When you have an entrance way that is considered more of a foyer, with high ceilings and a lot of windows, you need window coverings for your doors and windows that make the beauty of your foyer the amazing entrance way that you once dreamed of. Here’s the problem: All of those windows let in too much light, but having them constantly covered takes away from the experience. Silhouette Window Shadings allow you to enjoy soft, filtered light – the beauty of the sheer backing will diffuse the sunlight, providing your home with natural light without the glare. Automation will let you control those hard-to-reach windows with ease.


Window Coverings for French Doors and Patio Doors

A beautiful aspect of your home, french doors and patio doors often function as fusion of window and door – letting in natural light, providing the view of your landscape and ease of access to your outdoor space. They can be problematic if you don’t have window coverings for your doors. Too much light and drafty atmosphere are the complaints we hear about the most.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsPlantation Shutters

Highly customized to fit your doors’ specific needs, Plantation Shutters will provide you with a sophisticated appearance and important features for function. The operation of the handles is made easy with cut-outs. You won’t have to worry about difficulty with opening and closing – you won’t even notice a difference. The light control of shutters gives you the ability to adjust the louvers depending on how much, or how little, sunlight you want in your home. With your shutters adjusted open, enjoy the view through of your landscape, while the shutters frame your doors in classic beauty.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsVignette Modern Roman Shades

Soft fabrics, with options for texture and design elements, flow evenly as Vignette Modern Roman Shades provide the area surrounding your doors with style and comfort. Offering energy efficiency, UV protection, light control and privacy, these window coverings for your doors will solve almost any problem. Featuring a low profile design, Vignette Modern Roman Shades operate easily so you can have full access to the outdoors. Adjust these roman shades into the open position for natural light and an unobstructed view. With many options for roman shades, enjoy all of the benefits of dramatic styling and a polished appearance.


Solutions for Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re like most people, your sliding glass door is a high traffic passageway. Constantly in use, offering beautiful views and lots of natural light, they can also provide you with discomfort as a result of the wide expanse – if you don’t have window coverings, of course.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsSkyline Gliding Panels

What’s important when it comes to window coverings for your doors that are used so often and open up so much to the outside, like sliding glass doors? Function and beauty – no different than any other window in your home. But let’s get a little more specific about function: Children use sliding glass doors. Outside, inside, outside, in. They never stop. With Skyline Gliding Window Panels, the function and durability allows ANYONE to easily adjust these window coverings. They are low maintenance, with materials that look great and clean easily for a dynamic backdrop. With levels of light control and privacy, easily adjust these panels to take in the views and let the natural light in.


We’ve Got Answers for You!

Finding solutions in window coverings for your doors is relieving. There are so many options available to you and your family. Don’t suffer with harsh glare or drafty atmosphere. Light control, energy efficiency and privacy – just because they’re doors doesn’t mean you don’t have choices to fit your home and lifestyle. Our team, at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades would love to help. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.