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    Silhouette® Window Shadings
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Silhouette® Window Shades

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  • The Halo Feature: Expand Lighting in Incredible Ways!
  • Exceptional View-through Design
  • Perfect for Larger Windows
  • Fabric Vanes in Beautiful Design Styles
  • Sheer Fabric to Diffuse Harsh Glare

Silhouette window shades enhance the look of your home with dynamic atmosphere. Vanes of solid fabrics float between a front and back layer of sheer material, offering a range of light filtering capabilities and a view of the outdoors. Entering light is softened through the sheer fabrics. The result? Glowing light, with reduced glare. Available with transforming features, like smart shades and dual shades, you’ll be able to customize the environment in an instant.

Dual Shades

It’s a whole new level of control. Silhouette Shades are now available as dual shades: Two shades, one headrail. The front sheer operates independently, bringing in soft, glowing light, adjusting for levels of lighting and privacy. When darkness needs to be delivered, the second shade, a blackout roller shades, can drop into place.

Halo Feature

The latest upgrade for Silhouette shades increases the light you can experience. Traditionally, sheer shades have had vanes that either float to invite diffused light, or tilt downward for light control–finally closing flat for levels of control and privacy. Halo introduces vanes that can also tilt upward. This directional control allows you to experience an illuminated ceiling for all-over lighting.

Dramatic Views

Depending on what’s outside your windows, you may have a preference for what type of view you’d like. But with ClearView, you have more options! Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades have traditionally displayed a soft, hazy view of the landscape–which is stunning. However, if you’d like your view to be sharpened and detailed, it’s possible. ClearView fabrics are black sheers that crisp up the view with sharper definition, while still diffusing the entering light.
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Silhouette® Window Shadings