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Palm Beach PolySatin Vinyl Shutters

With contemporary appeal, white shutters give a clean, organized look to any space. But, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Palm Beach Collection of Hunter Douglas vinyl shutters. Explore these features below.

  • Highest Quality Durable Materials
  • Withstand High Heat & Humidity
  • Motorized Shutters Adjust with Remote, Voice & Smartphone
  • Specialty Shapes Available to Provide Unique Design

Clearly, with the exclusive Polysatin finish, these interior shutters were created with integrity in mind. They provide incredible protection against harsh UV rays and guaranteed not to fade, warp or crack. With the latest innovations, these shutters can be motorized to integrate with your smart home system for dynamic results.


Make adjustments in a snap with motorized shutters. The smooth open & close of the louvers happen with one tap on your remote or smart phone. Or, when your remote control shutters are integrated with your smart home system, you can achieve the right balance of light control and privacy with voice commands or scheduled adjustments.

Specialty Shapes

Custom shaped windows, such as those with angles and arches, can be tricky to cover. But not with vinyl shutters. These customized window treatments will add an enhanced look to your beautifully architectural windows. The enhancements will bring light control, energy efficiency and privacy to issues that can be traditionally difficult to solve.

Door Handle Cut Outs

We know you need to cover your doors, but how do you do it without losing vital function? One of the ways is with plantation shutters. Further customizing your shutters, you can have them designed with door handle cut outs that allow you to operate the door handle or knob as intended. Access to your outdoor space is easy and convenient, and the look is beautiful.