• kitchen seating area overlooking landscape view of the outdoors with banded zebra shades
    Designer Banded Shades
  • cellular shades for large windows energy efficient brown fabric shadings
    Applause® Honeycomb Shades
  • Vertical sheer shades on patio window next to custom bar space
    Luminette® Privacy Sheers
  • High ceilings with window treatments for large windows in Frisco, CO
    Silhouette® Alustra® Shadings
  • Duette honeycomb shades on sliding glass patio doors in Denver, CO
    Duette® Vertiglide Shades
  • Floor to ceiling window shades with light filtering and automation
    Silhouette® Shadings
  • contemporary living room with pink couch and window treatments for large windows
    Silhouette® Shadings
  • top down bottom up large window shadings with black trim windows overlooking lush outdoor yard
    Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
  • large corner office glass windows fully covered by sheer drapery shades for privacy and glare control
    Luminette® Sheer Shadings
  • privacy shades for contemporary bathroom large fabric roller shadings and above ground bathtub
    Architectural Roller Shades

Need Window Treatments for Large Windows?

Breathtaking views of your gorgeous Denver area landscape with ample natural light…What sounds like a dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. You need the balance of controlled light and maximum view. With custom window treatments for large windows, you can have it all!

  • Softened light
  • Reduced glare
  • Landscape views
  • Specialty Shapes
  • Easy control with automation

Create a comfortable environment while protecting the interior of your home from harsh UV rays and intense summer heat. With the right fabrics, you can still enjoy the view of your outdoor surroundings. Get levels of privacy and light-blocking for the rooms where you need them most. The ideal balance of light control and maximum view is easy with our solutions in shades and blinds for large windows. We can help!

See Our Recent Projects in the Denver Area for more inspiration.

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Silhouette® Window Shadings

Find the Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

The view is stunning; the light streams in. Having large windows in your Colorado home can seem like a dream. Don’t feel guilty about considering covering them. After all, it’s ok to want to close off your space sometimes, even if privacy isn’t a concern. And, we all love sunlight, but bright sunshine can be too much–especially if it’s wreaking havoc in your home with uncontrolled glare, exhausting temps or faded flooring and walls. What if we told you that you could have everything you love, while controlling the elements?

How big are your large windows?

We recently detailed sizing information for some of the best window treatments for large windows. This is not an exclusive list–and sizing can vary based on product availability. But, you’ll have an idea of what’s possible.

What are Denver favorites?

When it comes to adding floor to ceiling blinds and shades, it’s never just about the window coverings alone. The best results always come from a variety of features. Want to see Denver area favorites? You got it!

Love the View, Control the Glare

When you have a dynamic view, but you want to reduce the glare, you’ll want to choose a view-through shade, usually made with sheer fabrics. The sheer fabrics diffuse the light, cutting the glare, and they often crisp up the view so it’s even better than bare windows.

Experience Light, Control the Temps + Privacy

Even if you love natural light, but too much can be frustrating. A favorite feature in the Denver area is top down shades. This invites light in across the ceiling to illuminate the room, allowing the rest of the window to remain covered for privacy and light control. No more light in your eyes, or temperatures to try to maintain. A similar option for plantation shutters is called split tilt, giving you the freedom to make adjustments that contour the light while providing privacy and energy efficiency.

Enjoy Landscape Views + Natural Light, Cut Energy Costs

Is there an option that allows a view, lets light in, but controls the temperature to prevent your AC or furnace from running around the clock? There sure is! Our Duette Honeycomb Shades can have a tremendous impact on the energy usage and comfort of your home. Light filtering cellular shades are a popular choice that can soften the light, enhance the view and maintain temperatures. Even more so, take a peek at the Duolite® feature, which adds a dual shades option to honeycomb shades. You can experience light-filtering view-through, along with room darkening–all at the same window.

Your Very Own Personal Assistant

Also known as smart shades, motorized blinds act as your very own personal assistant, maintaining the best atmosphere within your home 24 hours a day. Of course you can make adjustments from a remote or the app on your phone. Sync your motorized shades with your smart home system, featuring voice-controlled adjustments, scheduled movement and dynamic scene setting. Effortless and oh, so enjoyable.