NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

  • Dark wood plantation shutters on sliding doors inin Denver CO
  • Wood plantation shutters for sliding doors in Denver CO home
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    NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters
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NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

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  • Hybrid materials combine wood + man-made materials
  • High durability & strength
  • Paint & wood grain styles
  • Special shapes

Love the look of wood shutters, but need a more affordable option? Our NewStyle collection of plantation shutters offers the styling of wood grain or painted wood shutters, created from blending man-made materials with real wood. It’s this combination, custom crafted, that combines for strength and durability. Able to withstand normal wear-and-tear, these interior shutters come with exclusive finishes. Highlight the character of specialty-shaped windows and french doors with these gorgeous shutters in your Denver area home. Find out more about the benefits of plantation shutters here.

door handle cut-outs for french door handles

Handle Cut-Outs

Both french doors and entry doors utilize door handles for opening & closing. When you want to cover those doors with shutters, it’s important to consider the operation of your door knobs and levers. Door handle cut-outs make it possible. Available in rectangular shapes and custom curves, you’ll get architectural details without interrupting function.

arched window with open shutters

Specialty Shapes

The customization of your home can often be done with shaped windows. Arches, angles, circles, ovals or hexagons…these shapes are capable of bringing a unique look to your home. But, how do you cover them without sacrificing design? Plantation shutters complement the style by enhancing the design, created with a custom fit for your specialty shaped windows.

close up of white shutter louvers


With exclusive finishes, your plantation shutters are protected against daily wear & tear, heavy traffic usage and damage that cones from UV rays and intense sunshine. Available in contemporary neutrals, like whites and grays, or the classic favorites of wood grains, you will find it easy to coordinate the look of your home with interior shutters.

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