Today’s Top 5 Interior Design Styles Revealed

Denver, are you ready for the evolution of interior design styles? We have curated a list of our top 5 to inspire your home. Get ready! Your home will never be the same. We have some incredible looks and fresh ideas to tell you about. Will you have a favorite? 

Wabi Sabi

New to the movement is Wabi Sabi, a calm and collected home decor style. This motif plays to the beauty of imperfection. The use of a monochromatic color scheme allows key elements to stand out. 

wabi sabi in denver

Natural materials, like wood and stone, bring an organic vibe that feels charming and comfortable.Textures and finishes of these design elements are the highlight of this decor trend. Wabi Sabi is quiet, yet always sophisticated.


From nautical themed bedrooms, to the use of watery blues and whites throughout the home, Coastal decor is a favorite to many. Incorporating elements of the ocean into interior design has stood the test of time. 

coastal vibe interior design styles

To achieve a relaxing vibe, coastal decor uses natural materials found along coast, seaglass and driftwood, sand and stone. Oversized furniture lends well to making the space extra comfortable and inviting to all. Finish the decor with linen fabrics and woven baskets for that salty feeling in the air.

Mid-Century Modern

Unique shapes, wood grain finishes and ceiling design elements have taken hold of the design world again. The 60s and 70s are back, and this time, with a sophisticated edge.

MCM interior design style of today in denver

This Mid-Century Modern living room features vibrant pops of color like chartreuse, mustard and pink. Geometric patterns bring personality into the design, with fabrics, rugs and wallpaper. This era brought attention to detail by highlighting the architecture of sloped ceilings, shaped wall cut-outs, wood beams and paneling. To assure these key features are pronounced, low profile furniture is best. 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse has established itself as one of the top interior design styles. This trend is well-loved by many homeowners, because it’s seamless. The color palette, greige, white, beige and gray is comfortable and inviting and makes room look larger.

modern farmhouse decor is top 5 today in denver

Decor elements include distressed furnishings, woods and metals. Wall treatments are a popular element in Modern Farmhouse, from board and batten to shiplap. To make it your own add a splash of color through galvanized decor or rustic farm treasures. 


The fusion of Japanese interiors with Scandinavian functionality makes up Japandi. Minimalism is the focus of both styles, offering families the chance to live comfortably in their day-to-day lives. This style transitions easily from daily activities to entertaining. 

new style japandi kitchen in colorado springs

Clean surfaces and practical furnishings are meant to create a sense of clarity. Japandi is a simple way to design your home to promote tranquility within. Add live plants to the design for the ultimate zen-experience. 

Interior Design Styles and  Window Treatments? Yes, Please.

Do you see an interior design style you can’t live without? Excellent! We can help you bring this vision to life with the help of window treatments. Our designers will evaluate your space, get to know your style preferences and formulate a plan of action.

honeycombs in interior design styles
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