Bathroom Design Features You’ll Adore

Are you contemplating a bathroom makeover, but find yourself uncertain about where to start the process? Perhaps you have successfully updated various areas of your home, yet the prospect of revamping your bathroom leaves you perplexed. Thankfully, there are so many bathroom design features that are gaining attention, and we are eager to share these with you so your redecoration journey is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Illuminate Your Bathroom

As you begin your bathroom redesign journey, start by focusing on lighting. Evaluate the size of the space and identify what type of lights would look best. Infuse your bathroom with radiance by using light fixtures, sconces, or even a small chandelier. We would deter you from incorporating all three options, as one is plenty! Do you envision a backlit mirror, strategically placed sconces, or an opulent chandelier? A myriad of avenues exist when selecting lighting for your bathroom; nevertheless, illuminating the space stands as a great first step in your journey!

A neutral bathroom with a glass walk in shower, standalone tub and a chandelier above the tub


The Addition of Accent Walls

It is common to associate accent walls with living rooms, dining rooms, or a bedroom, but it is time to reconsider where you place them in your home. Your bathroom serves as an ideal canvas for an accent wall. Elevate its look and feel by introducing elements such as marble or geometric patterns. Not only do these effortlessly reflect your personality, but they also infuse style into the space.

A modern bathroom with a black geometric accent wall behind a wooden vanity, a circular mirror above the vanity and a half black trim window on the side


Create Some Storage 

Have you ever entered a bathroom only to feel overwhelmed by the lack of storage and counter space? Fortunately, you can seamlessly integrate storage solutions to maintain tidy counters and uphold a clutter-free bathroom. A vanity tower emerges as an excellent resolution for those lacking space for built-in shelving, complete with outlets to preserve the cleanliness of your space. Alternatively, for those inclined towards wall-built storage, placing common items within arm’s reach is ideal. 

An all gray vanity with a vanity tower, a mirror to the right and wall sconces strategically placed over the mirror


Update Your Vanity 

Give your vanity area the attention it deserves by adding some fun bathroom design features. This can be done by selecting lighting to establish your desired look and feel, opting for distinctive shapes like rectangles or circles for mirrors, or choosing hardware that aligns with your personal style. Lastly, do not underestimate the influence of color or wood finish, as these nuances can set the tone for your entire bathroom! 

A green vanity with two gold framed rectangular windows above each sink

Window Treatments

The selection of window treatments is an important part of the redesigning process.


For the ideal mix of light control and privacy, we recommend shutters. Durable and stylish, shutters also exhibit resistance to humidity, rendering them a perfect choice for bathroom windows.

Bathroom with shutters open in Denver CO
Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters


Solar Shades

Solar shades prove ideal for showcasing breathtaking views, while achieving the perfect balance between privacy and scenery. Dual shades are preferred for floor-to-ceiling windows when more privacy is wanted. 

master bathroom gray window shades by hunter douglas large tub
Designer Solar Shades


Roman Shades

Timeless yet modern, these roller shades have the charm of roman shades, but operate with that popular rolling function. They gracefully ascend or descend to show or hide the view and natural sunlight.

Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades over a bathtub in a modern bathroom
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Need Assistance?

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