Color of the Year 2024: In with the New!

The authority on color, the Pantone Color Institute, has named a soft, gentle hue as color of the year 2024. Its name, Peach Fuzz, says it all. This cozy, peachy shade has already made its mark on fashion & home decor trends and is making its way to window coverings too. 

New Inspiration!

New colors take some time getting used to and this is definitely the case with Peach Fuzz. Over the years, peach has developed a bad rap. Homeowners have been put off by peach paint, peach tile and especially peach carpet. But things can change. And, here at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, we want to be the first to say that peach is BACK! Need convincing? Check out these photos we’ve collected of peach inspired designs. Out with the old peach in with the new.

Modern Cabinetry 

When you select the color of the year for your cabinetry, amazing things can happen. Peach brings a retro vibe to this space, and when paired with posh marble backsplash and sleek barstools an upscale kitchen is born. This kitchen needs to be on everyone’s vision board. 

Original Lighting

Not everyone will be ready for peach cabinets in 2024, luckily, the color of the year can inspire other elements of your home too. A more subtle use of a peach is used here in the rose-colored copper globes. By adding some fun chairs and an accent wall in a similar hue the copper globes are transformed into an amazing shade of peach! 

rose-colored globes on the color of the year

Impressive Walls

A feature wall is all the rage right now and we are seeing version of Peach Fuzz inspiring new designs.This ombre accent wall nails it! The color of the year AND a fashion-forward trend, now we’re talking. 

color of the year featured in wall art in denver

Amazing Color Pairings

How do designers create new looks? The color of the year has a lot to do with it. Traditional color pairings evolve each year with the influence of popular colors. Here, a traditional color combo of black, white & red is updated to reflect a softer look. The designer removed red and replaced it with peach. Out with the old and in with the peach! What an incredible result.

bathroom featuring the color of the year 2024


Refreshed Window Treatments

honeycombs in the color of the year
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

What’s exciting about this particular color of the year is that window treatments look amazing in it. This soft hue adds just a hint of color at the window which won’t overpower the rest of your design. Updating window coverings is an exciting way to incorporate present day colors in a functional way.

COTY 2024: Ready for New?

It’s no longer the ’60s but Peach Fuzz is making a comeback and we love how it’s been influencing home design everywhere. We can help you decide what window solutions would benefit your family and the right shade of the color of the year to choose. Get in touch with us for your FREE in-home consultation.