Five Tips for an Organized Home

A new year is upon us, and with it comes a fresh start. During the holidays, clutter can quickly accumulate. Now is the time when many individuals feel the need to pause, reevaluate, and make their way toward having an organized home. We have five tips that will greatly help, in most scenarios, as you start on this journey. Let’s begin! 

The Five Tips 

  1. Only tackle one area at a time. You’ll be able to work more efficiently if you aren’t trying to reorganize multiple spaces at once. 
  2. Begin by removing everything from the space. This will help the process go smoothly in the long run. 
  3. Decluttering is a must. Do not feel guilty about throwing away expired or broken items. If you have pieces that are still in good condition but no longer serve a purpose to you, consider donating them! 
  4. Categorizing is helpful. Group similar items together, even if they do not have a clearly defined category. 
  5. Take your organization up a notch with baskets. Utilize woven baskets, containers, or storage bins. 

Declutter Your Closets 

Closets tend to be a catch-all space for loose items. After a busy day, you clean up by throwing loose items into the closet to organize them once the weekend comes. Start cleaning out your closets while keeping in mind that decluttering, sorting, and simplifying are the name of the game.

Built in shelving within a closet with baskets that fit perfectly into space

Storage solutions are greatly beneficial. You can easily store items that you have a lot of–but use frequently. In your bedroom closet, this would be ideal for socks. You can pick out options that suit your style. If you choose woven baskets or clear bins, the choice is completely up to you. 

Improve Your Entryway 

We’re not talking about the conventional entryway, the one where you welcome guests. That one is probably clean and organized a good portion of the time. We’re talking about the one that’s heavily trafficked by everyone in your family. It’s where backpacks are dropped, shoes are tossed and pet leashes are casually lying around. This space can get very unorganized very quickly. Why not take steps to ensure it stays organized? You can start by adding in hooks. This is great for backpacks, puffy coats, and hats. Incorporate shelves to house shoes and boots. Lastly, add in baskets for pet items that are used regularly. 

A neutral tone mudroom with sandy brown built ins, hooks with purses and hats and a tile floor


As you start this process, make sure that items that don’t belong in this area find a new home. This could include mail that was just brought inside, sports equipment, and groceries. By removing those items from this space, you’ll be one step closer to an organized home. 

Tackle the Toys 

Kids bring so much fun and life into a home. With this, comes a little bit of messiness. If you are trying to wrangle kids while keeping an organized home and frantically searching for solutions, we have tips. 

A kids playroom with built in bookshelves, a white teepee and baskets of toys

When you’re ready to tackle the toy room, you may come face-to-face with games and toys that are littering the floor. You may be wondering if the floor still exists. Start with removing some toys that don’t get as much love and attention. Store those away for a few weeks, and then reintroduce them. There is a chance that that toy will become one of their favorites…at least for the day! 

Increase Efficiency 

When you decide to take on the task of creating a more organized home, chances are you’re going to need extra energy to get you through. This is where we can help!

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