Control the Natural Light in Your Home: A Before and After Scenario

Everyone knows that entering light is a huge asset in the home. It’s inviting, economical, and shows the truest colors in your furniture and decor. Because of this, large windows are often a great selling point. But more often than not, homeowners don’t understand how to control the natural light properly. Uncontrolled light can turn a dream room into an unusable nightmare! Check out this before and after to learn how to get the natural light to work for you.


Untamed Assets

The floor-to-ceiling windows in this well-furnished room offer a gorgeous view, but the unfiltered light flooding in is taking over the space and causing several problems. Every color, from the walls to the rug, are washed out and faded.  Sharp shadows give the room an unfinished look and a disheveled feel.

floor to ceiling windows without window coverings in Denver CO

The glare bouncing around the room makes it difficult to see screens, enjoy a book, or show off that view! Too much direct light is heating up this room, making it all but impossible to relax comfortably during the day. And, to top it all off, long term exposure to UV rays is permanently damaging the carefully selected furnishings. Does this before photo seem familiar to your Denver area home? Are you in desperate need of a before and after transformation?


What Can Be Done?

It’s easy to see the havoc natural light is capable of in the before portion of our before and after transformation. What may be harder to pinpoint is how we can solve the problem without losing the benefits natural light can bring. Heavy curtains would block the harmful UV rays, but the closed, cave-like feel is not what you want. You know how much we love our mountain views and valuable daylighting in Denver! Luckily, there are better options! Continue to our after section to find out how you can stop the frustrations of natural light, and start making it work for you!


A Managed Resource

What a difference the right tools can make! We’ve used Silhouette shades by Hunter Douglas to perfectly tame and direct the natural light, without sacrificing any of the benefits. The ambient glow casts inviting shadows, and the colors in the decor can be seen the way the designer intended!

silhouette sheer shades on floor to ceiling windows in Denver CO
Silhouette® Window Shades

The Silhouette shade is extremely versatile. It can be adjusted to direct the light exactly where you want it, as well as add moderate privacy when you need it, all without covering the beautiful windows, or sacrificing the view! The annoying glare has been diffused by the sheer backing, leaving you with nothing but the perfect atmosphere. And best of all, modern motorization options allow all of this control at the touch of a button!


Do You Need to Control the Natural Light?

After seeing the dramatic changes in this before and after scenario, are you ready to take charge of the natural light resources in your home? Contact our team, at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, to schedule a free at-home consultation. Our team can help you pick the best solution for your space, and you’ll be in control in no time!