Farmhouse Window Treatments: Achieving the Look

Farmhouse style has been one of the most popular looks since Chip & Joanna started “fixing up” houses in their hometown of Waco. The style statement consists of simplistic charm–often featuring whites and woods, with curated decor that’s a mixture of old and new. But, it might leave you wondering, what do farmhouse window treatments look like?

The Secret of Farmhouse Window Treatments

The secret is all in the details. Elements that tell a story, like distressed wood, aged metals and woven fibers can be an important part of this look.

farmhouse style window treatments woven woods Denver CO

Fabrics and natural fibers tend to add a cozy feel to homes, while adding dimension at the window. These Provenance Woven Woods bring visual interest, while also controlling the light in beautiful styles, colors and textures.

A Blending Backdrop

In this style, neutrals dominate the color scheme. Because of this, you may want window coverings that blend with the surroundings.

white farmhouse window treatments plantation shutters Denver CO

Plantation shutters offer incredible charm, while also coordinating with your neutral decor. Of course, featuring wood shutters that highlight the warmth of wood can also be a great addition to this style!

Don’t Forget Solutions!

Beautiful style only goes so far…you need solutions, too. All of the benefits we so often mention–light control, energy efficiency, privacy, room darkening, convenience, landscape views–can be achieved with farmhouse window treatments!

silhouette window shades view through for neutral decor Denver CO

As your window covering specialists, we can sit down to chat about what your home needs and what style you like most. The best place to do that is in your home, of course! Let our team, at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, come to you for a FREE in-home consultation. Contact us today!