Style Statement: The Latest Color Trends Are Here!

Do you love seeing the latest color trends in home decor? How about fashion? New York Fashion Week debuted Pantone’s upcoming color palette for 2024, and you’ve just got to see what’s in store for design. It’s all about the evolution of colors–and how we can use them in our homes that matters most to us. And while we might be using them for outfits or a new accent piece, this palette introduces a cultural message of optimism and lively freedom of expression…

pantone palette of colors for 2024
Lemon Drop, Rooibos Tea, Chambray Blue, Desert Flower, Mint, Watercress, Lilac Pastel, Orangeade, Capri & Marlin

If the colors have you feeling invigorated with energy, just wait until you see the calm nature of this year’s top 5 neutrals.

neutral color palette for 2024
Brush, Quiet Shade, Mushroom, Brilliant White & Northern Droplet

You might not notice right away, but there’s something amazing happening with the neutral palette. It’s balanced between grays and browns, which has been a somewhat controversial area of design over the past few years. Fans of gray couldn’t see themselves going back to beige. Beige fans that felt out of favor for years finally have a chance to warm up their homes in contemporary style. Guess what? The message of this lineup is…it’s time to make it about what YOU like.

Let’s Dive Into Design

It’s time to venture into homes and see what’s being done with color, pairings, neutrals and more!

The Wow Factor

mint green tile wall in shower in dark gray bathroom with black and white floor
Northern Droplet, Mint & Quiet Shade

Setting any bright color into the background of a darkened space is going to be an accent that will liven the space. It brings life to the tile, and it contrasts well with the dark gray + black & white flooring.

Soft Elegance

dining room with green drapes and blue chairs
Marlin, Northern Droplet & Watercress

Color rules tell us that blue and green are close to each other on the color wheel. That means they evoke feelings of calm when set in a space together. That couldn’t be any more true than in this dining space.

Opposites Attract

home office in Denver home with blue and orange accents
Capri, Orangeade, Brilliant White & Mushroom

More rules from the world of color? It’s all about opposites if you’d like to make a statement that stands out. Blue and orange stand on opposing sides of the color wheel, and no matter the hue of these families, the pairing works! Keep in mind that the latest color trends have us using one of the paired colors in the dominant role, where the other color accents the space. The homeowners chose a soft neutral shades for the windows. The Pirouette Shades seen here fold in place to reveal the landscape, closing up to look like roman shades in that lovely beige fabric.

Introduce Accents

bedroom with blue grasscloth wall and yellow accents
Desert Flower, Lemon Drop & Marlin

The best way to bring the latest color trends into your home is by just experimenting! Start with a neutral space, or a colored backdrop that you love. Then, in small amounts, bring colorful accents into the space. Pillows, throws, area rugs, artwork…introduce them to the space, stand back and take in the scene. If it’s window treatments you’d like, our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades would love to help you find exactly what you need. Patterns, prints & solids can add a designer look in either colors or neutrals, while the operating features set a beautiful atmosphere. Get in touch with us for your FREE shop-at-home appointment.