Modern Roller Shades: A Revolutionary Redesign

When you think of roller shades, do you think of exquisite style, revolutionary design, and effortless control? Probably not, but that’s because you haven’t met the newest generation. Hunter Douglas decided that, after hundreds of years of the same old design, it was time for a change. So, they went to work on reimagining and redesigning these classic window treatments. The result: Modern Roller Shades. Far beyond those clunky, vinyl things your grandmother had in her house, Modern Roller Shades boast sophisticated style, innovative features, and controlled operation. No longer stuck in the past, these up-to-date shades will enhance the contemporary beauty of your home and the convenience of your lifestyle.


modern roller shades DenverOn-Point Styling

In today’s day and age, style is everything. As the backdrop of your home, you need your shades to be beautiful pieces that coordinate with your spaces. For a truly polished look, even the smallest details have to match. Don’t worry. Hunter Douglas has you covered. The customizable options they’ve created for their Modern Roller Shades are meant to give you the perfect look in your home. First, there’s the fabrics. The exclusive collection is filled with contemporary colors and enticing textures that’ll make your rooms simply stunning. Then, there’s the finishings. Complement the sleek, low-profile design of your shades with a top treatment–now available in a square cassette. Or, opt for showing off the roller top. Finally, customize the bracket covers and metal brackets to put the finishing touch on superior style. With nine different finishes available, you can coordinate the look of your covers with that of your interiors. Selecting brackets in burnished chestnut or pearl chrome can also add designer appeal. When it comes to gorgeous styling, Hunter Douglas has thought of everything to make it possible in your home.


modern roller shades DenverInnovative Features

Style matters, but so does function. The whole reason most people are in the market for shades is because they need light control solutions. With old-fashioned roller shades, you had two choices for managing light: let it all in or block it all out. Sometimes that works, but wouldn’t it be nice to have more options? Hunter Douglas thought so, and that’s why their Modern Roller Shades give you levels of light control. From sheer to opaque to everything in between, you now how the power to choose the opacity that’s just right for you. With a dual shade system, you have ultimate control. One shade can provide a beautiful view-through and filtered natural light, while another can darken the room with the smallest light gap in the industry. Operating independently in a single headrail, dual shades create the perfect atmosphere all day, and night, long. You don’t have to settle for all or nothing. Modern Roller Shades give you the levels of light control you deserve.


modern roller shades DenverSimplistic Operation

From creeping up slowly to flying up and flapping, roller shades have a reputation for being difficult. When working to revolutionize them, Hunter Douglas knew that smooth, simplistic operation was a must…and they delivered. Modern Roller Shades are what they call “whisper quiet.” When you move them into position, all you hear is a hush, and it’s glorious! Plus, adjusting them manually is easier than ever with a custom clutch. Designed to feel lightweight and comfortable–no matter the size of your shades–the clutch works with precision-tuned lift technology to help your shades glide into place. Perhaps the best feature of all, though, is that Modern Roller Shades are available with PowerView motorization. Touch-of-a-button activation, saved scenes, and scheduled adjustments are a few of the incredible innovations possible with PowerView. Far from their difficult ancestors, Modern Roller Shades offer life-changing convenience and control.


Modern Roller Shades: They’re Revolutionary.

Are you ready for enhanced styling, innovative features, and effortless operation? Redesigned to offer everything you’ve been dreaming of from your window coverings, Modern Roller Shades will revolutionize your home and your life. If you want to enjoy all of their benefits, we’re here to help. Our design consultants can visit you for a free shop-at-home experience. Bringing samples of the beautiful fabrics and finishes along with their expertise, they’ll guide you through customizing Modern Roller Shades for your unique home. So, contact us at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades to get started today!