Better Sleep with Blackout Shades

The refreshment of a good night’s sleep. It’s wonderful; isn’t it? There’s nothing like climbing into bed after a long day, drifting off to dreamland, and waking up refreshed and ready to go the next morning. We often take a good night’s sleep for granted…that is until we can’t get one. With the sunrise getting earlier and earlier each day here in Denver, it can be hard to sleep during this time of year. Didn’t anyone tell the sun that 5:30am is too early to be getting up?! While you can’t change the sun’s schedule, with blackout shades, you can maintain yours. Not only do blackout shades block light so you can rest easy, but they also boost style and convenience in your life. Check out all that blackout shades have to offer you and your home.


blackout shades DenverCustom Fit & Style

When it comes to blocking light, our blackout shades reign supreme. Custom fit to the shape of your windows, they reduce light gaps at the top, bottom, and sides of your windows to the smallest amount possible. Made from high-quality blackout fabrics, they provide extreme darkness to help you get the sleep you need. While their function is superior, their style is too. With so many choices, you can customize them to coordinate perfectly with your decor. Flowing roman shades soften spaces while sleek roller shades offer a contemporary, designer look. Honeycomb shades boast organization, and sheer shadings give you gorgeous daylighting when you want it and darkness when you don’t. There really is a shade for every style.


blackout shades DenverFeatures for Convenience

Beyond beautiful styling and superior darkness, blackout shades offer serious convenience. Top down bottom up operation gives you precise light control for a more versatile experience. During the day, you can lower the top or raise the bottom to let in natural light while blocking direct rays, boosting energy efficiency, and having more control over privacy. Then, when you want total darkness, just close them completely. Shades also have motorization capabilities. With PowerView, you can adjust your blackout shades at the touch of a button on your Pebble remote or your favorite device. By setting scenes and scheduling your shades to move on their own, you can count on having the perfect atmosphere all day, and night, without ever having to think about it. Now, PowerView can even use your location to determine local sunrise and sunset times. Linking scenes to these times means that your blackout shades will open or close right when you need them across the day. Talk about convenience!


blackout shades DenverCutting-Edge Innovation

When it comes to innovation, Hunter Douglas is always in the forefront. Enabling you to schedule your shades to move based on the sunrise and sunset times in your area is just one of the ways they’re revolutionizing your window treatment experience. Another is by combining two shades into one to give you unprecedented light control. With innovative features, like A Deux and Duolite, a sheer shading and a blackout roller shade operate independently in a single headrail. Raising the roller shade ushers soft, filtered daylighting into your room. Lowering it part way dims the light, and closing it completely provides the darkness you need to sleep well. Do these blackout shades sound like a dream come true? We think so, too!

Blackout Shades: The Answer You’ve Been Dreaming Of!

It’s time to transform your sleep, your home and your life with blackout shades. Don’t wait another day, or night, to get the rest you need. Our design consultants would love to help you heighten the style of your home and create the perfect atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. They’ll listen to you and bring their expertise, advice, and product samples right to the spaces you’re looking to darken. So, contact our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for a free, in-home consultation today.