Need Design Help? Don’t Let These 3 Reasons Stop You…

Do you hate the morning light that floods your bedroom? Does it annoy you that your neighbors can see right into your living room? The blinds you inherited when you bought your home–are they just plain ugly? It’s time. For what? A design consultation–with an expert who can help you. Help you find solutions, guide you to a selection of products and fabrics you’ll love, identify with you to understand what will make you the happiest. You need design help. What’s keeping you from making that appointment?


#1 Embarassing, Outdated or Absent Blinds

design help bare windowsAre you embarrassed by the old blinds or shades left by the previous owner? Don’t be. That was their style, not yours. Are you stressed that your windows are bare? The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment for design help to start making over your home. You know what sets the tone of the room? The design features. The fabrics, the flow, the details. Don’t let someone else’s choices govern your life. What if you chose the window treatments years ago, and now you want new ones? We’ll be excited to help you. We want to listen to what you want, to help you create a beautiful look in your home.


#2 A Messy House

design help Denver homesWe’ve all got messes. Between a non-stop schedule at work, to the devastation caused by toddlers or pets on a daily basis, we get it. We’re not afraid of laundry baskets in the dining room. We don’t quiver at a table that still has breakfast plates waiting to be cleaned up. We want to help you find life-changing solutions. And, that begins at your windows and doors. So, slide those uneaten pancakes over, sit down with us and let’s find the right choices for your home and lifestyle.


#3 You Can’t Decide…

design inspiration DenverOf course you can’t. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve got an enormous selection of products, features and fabrics at our fingertips for the design help you need. You’d be surprised how much easier it makes the process when you have an expert by your side. And, until you sit down and see your choices, it can be really hard to scroll through images online to find the combination you like. Or, when you head off to the big box store, there’s distractions and people who don’t exactly have the experience to help you. That’s the beauty of an in-home consultation. You can take your time, sit back and relax. Tell us what you’d like–as much as you know–and, we’ll help you figure out the rest.


Need Design Help? You’re Not Alone.

You want new window coverings, but you just don’t know where to start. You’re nervous about setting up an appointment while still in the decision-making process. You feel so overwhelmed with life that you can’t imagine inviting someone into your home. Can you relate? You’re not alone, but we will help you navigate your way through this process. And, we are going to make it fun. Let’s set up a time where we can chat about what’s important to you, your family and your life. You’ll be glad you did! Contact our team, at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for your FREE in-home consultation.