Color Combinations: Create Your Perfect Palette

Have you ever noticed a pair of colors that flow effortlessly? There certainly are color combinations that were just meant for each other. But, have you ever tried to create your own combination? It will transform your design, and it all starts with your personal style. If you’ve been wanting to freshen up your space, now is the time. Take a look at how you can combine colors and incorporate them into your home design.

The Classic Statement

There are color combinations that will remain popular for years to come. You can’t go wrong with pairings like black and white, orange and blue, or green and yellow. These pairs will always be stylish choices. But, if you want to take your design to another level, we have ideas for you…

A Twist on Those Classics

Classic color combinations are always a great choice, but nowadays, we’re all about updating. The design world has added a twist on classic pairings. The newest color makeovers are all about bold contrast. Navy and orange have been upgraded to turquoise and coral, adding a chic twist to the classic duo. Browns and purples, another classic mix, have also been upgraded. Browns have evolved to beige, and now we’re seeing the newest twist on this design: greige. Gray undertones mixed with purple create a smoky, chic design. Add a touch of metallic decor to this color combo for even more style. Feeling bold? Stick with green and pink, but go for more dramatic, bright hues. The springlike appeal with brighten your space. Mix in floral patterns for a trendy touch. Make classic color pairings your own with a hint of the latest trends.

The Perfect Palette for a Softer Side

Classic pairings are a great start for adding color combinations into your home, but creating your very own doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Finding the right color pairing starts with your style. What’s your design goal? Do you want a classic, crisp look? Something fresh and rejuvenating? Simple and relaxed? Decide what your design goals are, then create your perfect palette. Try out an elegant, feminine look with soft pinks and purples, like Elderberry paired with a crisp white. Or, create a calming sanctuary with earthy tones, like browns and yellows. Bring your design together with a fresh neutral. It all starts with finding colors that speak to your style.

Incorporate Color Combinations Into Your Design

Now that you’ve figured out the perfect color combination for your home, how do you incorporate it? You can start small, but don’t be afraid to go big! If you have a room with neutral paint, try adding accent pieces with colors from your new palette. Throw pillows, a decorative chair, or a piece of art will all draw attention. Want to redesign your whole space? Think big. Give your walls a makeover with a fresh color or invest in new furniture. You can even create a gorgeous, eye-catching backdrop with new window treatments. Nowadays, there are so many fabrics to choose from. Let your window coverings show off your new favorite colors, plus gain light and privacy control in your space. We can show you an abundance of fabrics that will match your brand new color palette.

Discover Your Colors

Finding the right color combinations for your home can be an exciting task. Let the colors speak to your personal style. Whether it’s the classic appeal of black and white, the trendiest shade of greige, or an eclectic mix of your favorite hues, there is a color combination that will fit your home beautifully. We can show you how to incorporate it into your design. Contact our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades today for a free, in-home consultation.