Room Transformation: Before and After Window Coverings

If you have large-scale windows, you know how breathtaking it can be to experience our Denver area views. The beautiful view, the natural light, the refreshing way the windows open up your home to the landscape just beyond. At what sacrifice? You may not realize what you are living with until you see it from an alternative perspective. You need window covering solutions that work, and we have a glimpse of before and after window coverings that will show the ways they will transform your home.

before and after window coveringsDoes this remind you of your home?

This living room boasts sky and landscape views. While not directly facing the sun, an immense amount of light shines in, almost preventing any view to the outside with intense glare at the windows. The art-inspired accent wall catches entering sunlight. And every aspect of the room holds a faded appearance, due to both glaring light and the harsh effects of UV rays. Because the exterior wall is made up of 75% glass, the temperature of the room is heavily influenced by the weather outside and the sunlight entering. As you will see, the difference before and after window coverings is incredible.

before and after window coveringsDo you need a room transformation?

The first surprise is how adding window shades helps you bring out the color scheme of your home. No longer in competition with glaring light, your accents and furnishings will stand out in striking style, safe from harmful UV rays. The Duette Shades featured here offer the glow of natural light, as the materials have light-filtering qualities to diminish the glare while making the most of the outside sunlight. The top/down, bottom/up feature makes it easy to enjoy the beautiful skies and landscape views with adjustments that fit your lifestyle. The Duette Collection, from Hunter Douglas, offers the highest standards in energy efficiency in the industry, providing your home with the comfort of a consistent temperature, no matter the season. Before and after window coverings…the difference will astound you. You’ll wonder how you lived without them for so long!

Introducing PowerView…

PowerView is the future of automation. It’s not just motorization of your window shades, but the system works in concert with automated living features of your home. The ultimate in light control, PowerView offers you wireless control whether you are in the same room, or miles away on vacation. As the latest innovation in automated window coverings, PowerView will be available starting this Summer.

If you need the transforming qualities and benefits of window coverings, we are here to help you decide what will make the most of your home. Get ready to experience the pleasantly startling change from before and after window coverings. Contact our team, at Rocky Mountain Shutters and Shades, for a free, in-home consultation today!