Pet Safe Window Coverings: What Your Home Needs

With the glimmer of Summer on the horizon, getting the refreshment of sunshine into your Denver area home is important for your mood and productivity. Humans aren’t the only ones that feel stir crazy after winter, and like you, a bit of sunshine would do your pets plenty of good. Window coverings provide solutions and benefits for your home, but safety can be a concern if you have pets. In an article on Houzz, they give you a home tour filled with ideas on how to make a pet safe environment throughout. Whether you are a new pet owner or have had pets for years, it may be good to brush up on today’s version of pet safety. Because pets spend so much time at the windows – pawing, barking, sniffing, climbing – we wanted to give you ideas on how pet safe window coverings can work in your home.


pet safe window coveringsConsider the Importance of Durability.

The world just beyond your windows is filled with excitement and activity, especially over the next few months. If you have pets, your windows are high traffic areas, as your curious residents spend the day with a front row seat to all of the excitement. Long-lasting durability is key, and your pet safe window coverings are an investment. Sliding glass doors, entryways and large-scale windows are often visited by pets. Window coverings that work well with all three of those window types are vertical panels and blinds, like those of Skyline Gliding Panels. Made of durable materials, easily moved aside for a quick view, your pets will enjoy entertainment without harm.

pet safe window coveringsChoose Cordless.

Curious to see all of the activity right outside the windows, pets can often become tangled in cords. Not only by accident, either. Some pets find cords to be their favorite toy. The window coverings industry has focused on child and pet safe window coverings extensively over the last decade, offering innovative operating features. Easy function for cordless window coverings, from the simple adjustment of LiteRise to the effortless movement of automation. When cords are present, other pet safe features, like the retractable pull of UltraGlide or the securely fastened continuous cord loop, prevent entanglement and the curiosity that comes from dangling cords. With many of our window coverings, the view-through to the outside keeps pets from even interacting with the shades, as there is nothing to push aside. The sheer backing of Pirouette Window Shadings offers your pets a view, while the reduced glare keeps your home comfortable.


pet safe window coveringsMaintenance is a Breeze.

Maintaining the fresh look of your pet safe window coverings is important. While they may be pet safe, they also have to be safe against pets! Our favorite furry friends love to track in dirt and dust, all while leaving tufts of hair lying about and brushing up against window shades. The materials and fabrics of our window coverings are often soil and dust resistant, which is a must with pets. Pet safe window coverings showcase display features that are often resistant to everyday wear and tear, like our Duette Architella Shades with pleats designed to retain their crisp, fresh look.


pet safe window coveringsView, or No View…It’s Your Decision.

If your pet loves to lie in the sunshine, basking in the refreshing glow of warmth, choose pet safe window coverings that provide a dynamic view-through. If the activity just beyond your windows is a bit too much for your pet, choose window coverings and features that allow you to keep them more secluded. Maybe there are certain hours that fit you and your pet’s schedule, which – for you – probably doesn’t include barking at the neighbor dog taking the normal, 6 AM walk. Features, such as automation and top/down, bottom/up, allow you to control what your pet is able to view and when. And those features also allow you to welcome the natural light in while blocking any outdoor distractions. With the opaque fabrics of Vignette Modern Roman Shades, you decide what’s best for your pet and your home.

They are by your side for years. And you want them to be comfortable and safe. Here in the Denver area, keep them protected with pet safe window coverings from the folks at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades. We will come to your home and help you decide the features that fit your home, your lifestyle and your pets. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.