Tips for Bedroom Design: Achieve Style + Function

The perfect space to call your own…your very own sanctuary after a long day. Is that how you’d describe your bedroom? If not, now is the perfect time to make some changes! You deserve a dream bedroom, one with the perfect balance of cozy comfort and refined style. Maybe even a private hideaway after a long year of abundant family togetherness? Try these tips for bedroom design to recreate your space, so you can finally relax…

#1 Color Makes Me Happy

 We recently wrote about the 2021 Color of the Year, and it’s all about the perfect color combo! Not everyone will choose yellow + gray for their home, but by using this color combination for inspiration, sky’s the limit! Make it work for you by pairing a neutral with your favorite color. The options are endless and adding color is a simple way to add happiness.

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#2 Convey Personality with Fabrics

We believe that when exploring tips for bedroom design, it’s important not to forget about your personality! The perfect way to make a bedroom space your own is by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel comfortable. Be the creator. Try to incorporate fabrics into your bedroom that evoke feelings of calm, comfort and love. But don’t forget to add some happy–fun textures, colors and patterns will help with that. Allow your bedroom to tell your story, make it personal.  

Cozy bedroom Denver Co
Custom Window Treatments

When designing your bedroom space the use of window treatments, such as draperies and fabric shades, add to the creativity of your home. Choosing unique textures and colors will set your bedroom apart and create a customized space for you. You can completely transform your bedroom by simply changing the fabrics or adding an accent piece and there.

#3 Getting Comfortable

On a scale of 1-10, how cozy is your bedroom?  Do you feel comfortable in this space?  Is your bedding too bulky?  Pillows too stiff?  Need a new mattress? Lots to think about, right? Our focus should be on the comforts of home these days. Now’s the time to make our bedroom a 10 plus!! Let’s achieve a whole new level of cozy!

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NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

And, remember to consider the atmosphere of your bedroom.  Your comfort level depends upon the perfect balance of light, heat and insulation from the outdoors.  To guarantee a comfortable night sleep choose the right window treatments to help solve these common issues. Here’s how…

#4 Clear out the Clutter

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but for many of us just opening the door brings feelings of anxiety and agitation. Is your bedroom used as the family storage unit? Where home projects go to die? Is it filled with piles of clothes to fold, sort and put away?  We get it. But now is the time to take back our bedrooms! Start by removing things that don’t add joy to the space. Clearing your bedroom of clutter helps clear your mind as well. You will find that you sleep better, feel better and wake refreshed and ready to start the day!

#5 Fresh Air 

For years we’ve known that adding real plants to our homes can improve the quality of the air we breathe. Typically we see plants in the main living areas of our homes, so why not the bedrooms? Our bedroom design tips suggest just that! Welcoming plants into your bedroom improves air quality and adds a fun design element to the space. 

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There are many reasons why it makes sense to invite plant life into our sleeping quarters. First, spending a third of our life in our bedrooms seems reason enough to improve the air quality in the space. Second, for those of us who enjoy personal space but also like companionship may find houseplants to be the perfect low maintenance roommate. Last but not least, adding house plants will up your design game HUGE!

Bedroom Design Tips to get you Started…

At the end of the day reward yourself with the retreat you deserve! We can help take your bedroom to the next level by implementing these bedroom design tips. Allow our team the chance to refresh your bedroom with new ideas and together we can create your perfect sanctuary. Contact us for your FREE Consultation in the Denver area.