Back to School: Window Coverings for Improved Sleep

Just around the corner…Back to school is just around the corner! Where did the time go? As summer vacation comes to a close, you still have time to fit in those last few memories and some back to school shopping before the big day arrives. Is your family ready? We all know that transitioning a summer sleep schedule to a more rigorous school sleep schedule is a difficult task for any family. We would love to help make it easier. With so many options for window coverings that will deliver quality sleep to you and your family, the team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades is excited to help!

How will window coverings improve sleep?

There are a few factors that can heavily influence the quality sleep a person gets. Light control, temperature and sound are three of these factors, and we have window covering options for the Denver area to solve all three issues. We have solutions to get your family back on track with quality sleep for the upcoming school year!


Tip #1

Control That Light! Even the smallest amount of light can interfere with a night of sleep. From the glow of a street lamp to the distraction of passing cars, light can rouse us from the restorative sleep that provides energy for a day full of learning. Black out shades, along with any shading that provides levels of room-darkening, are going to improve the quality of sleep just by keeping the environment consistently dark.

guest bedroom with window looking out and dual shade coverage for room darkening
Silhouette® Shades

The team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades can help you choose room-darkening shades that fit your light control needs. From the cellular technology of Duette Architella that provides high levels of room-darkening, to the dual shades black out feature of Silhouette window shadings, your ability to achieve the perfect amount of light control is endless!


Tip # 2

Keep Your Cool! One of the factors that seems to wake many of our clients is the fluctuation of temperature. Just because school is starting, doesn’t mean that those summer temperatures will be going away for the next couple months. Energy efficient window coverings do an amazing job at helping to regulate the comfort of your home, which is directly related to the quality of sleep your family receives.

Room darkening shades above window seat in bedroom

The great thing about energy efficient window coverings is that they are ideal for the Denver area, as we experience the four seasons of the year. Comfort all year long for quality sleep all year long. The innovation of Duette Architella window coverings boasts the highest levels of energy efficiency in the industry, and our team can help you decide which window coverings will help you create the most comfortable environment for your sleep schedule.


Tip# 3

Turn It Down! Many families we know use sound machines to drown out the sounds that might wake even the lightest sleeper. If you are attempting to get your family back on an earlier sleep schedule, this is probably an important one. There may still be neighbor children playing outside, keeping yours from falling asleep easily. Did you know that window coverings can provide a buffer of sound absorption? We know which window coverings can offer the best options for hushing out those distracting sounds and letting your family doze peacefully all night long.

summer ready home get better sleep with blackout blinds Westminster CO

How Black out Window Coverings Help

Peace of Mind. Your children are not the only ones who need quality sleep. You have a demanding life, and you have to be ready, refreshed, revived to get them off on their next great adventure even before you tackle your own day. Child safety is important. The child safe operating systems available are a great way to ensure you never have to wonder if your child is safe in their own bedroom. Right now, we are offering a free, cordless upgrade with your Duette window coverings. Peace of mind will allow you to rest easy and get the quality sleep you need for your busy life.

kids playroom with blackout shades trackglide window shades
Duette® LightLock™ Honeycomb Shades


While the team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades can’t be at your home each night to tuck your family into bed for a successful night of sleep, we would like to think we are making the back to school transition easier. The amazing benefits of room-darkening, energy efficiency, sound absorption and child safety are available to help your whole family get back on schedule for quality sleep! Contact the team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for a free, in-home consultation.