Direct Sunlight Bothering You? Find Help with Window Coverings!

Sunshine is a wonderful thing. Read any posted article about this natural miracle, and you will find many health and lifestyle benefits to living in sunny climates, from immunity boosting to mood elevation. Luckily for us, Colorado boasts 300 sunny days per year. We know that living with so much sunshine can be quite an asset, but like anything else, sunshine is best in moderation. Direct sunlight entering your home can provide levels of frustration and harmful effects. Window coverings can provide the perfect escape, even offering the best of both worlds. When the direct sunlight enters your home, it is the amount and direction of the light that can cause the negative effects and experiences. You can change both amount of direct sunlight, and the direction of that light, to vastly improve the atmosphere in your home.

Filter the harsh glare, enhance the atmosphere.

One of the problems with direct sunlight is that you can’t get away from it. It becomes an annoyance, even if you enjoy natural light. We love to show our clients what our Premier Shadings line can do to improve their lifestyles. With the ability to transform direct sunlight into soft, filtered light, window coverings like Pirouette window shadings and Silhouette window shadings will change your life. The atmosphere of your home can reflect a harmonious glow, while you enjoy the benefits of natural light.

Enjoy the natural light with the power of daylighting.

Speaking of enjoying that natural light, we love the idea of energy conservation with daylighting, but direct sunlight offers too much light into your home. With window coverings that offer multiple options for operation, you can enjoy the light as it is dispersed throughout your home, without the harsh glare. With valuable operating features such as top/down, bottom/up, your window coverings can offer you the best of both worlds.

Keep the temperature cool so your air conditioner doesn’t have to.

Conserving energy is important, but you also want your family to be comfortable. An air conditioning unit running throughout the day is not the best option for your energy bills and the world around us. Direct sunlight and outside temperature can drastically increase the temperature inside your home. Insulation against this problem is important, but that does not mean you need new windows. You need window coverings that can provide you with the highest energy efficiency ratings on the market. Blocking out that direct sunlight and providing an insulating barrier is exactly what will be the best protection from the intense Colorado sunshine.

The beauty and benefits of sunshine are well known to all of us. We love the sun, but we all need an escape from that direct sunlight. Window coverings can provide the ultimate escape, while also providing you with the benefits of limited natural light and energy efficiency. Our team would love to help guide you to the best window coverings for your home. Not all rooms are created equal, and our team can help you with window direction, fabric selection and the operating features that will best improve your lifestyle. Contact the team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for a free, in-home consultation.