Bathroom Window Coverings: What You Need to Know

The start of your day can affect your awareness, your senses and your overall mood. Make sure you start your day off right in the Denver area with the perfect atmosphere from the moment you step out of bed. Yes, that’s right–the atmosphere of your bathroom plays a tremendous role in what the day ahead is going to look like. When it comes to creating just the right atmosphere, we would venture to guess that both lighting and privacy–or lack there of–have the most influence. Shaving, showering, putting on makeup…simply waking up. All of your morning activities will be made better with the right amount of light and privacy. Window shades, blinds or shutters–how do you know what to choose? How do you know what will work? We’re here to help with our favorite choices for bathroom window coverings. Make it a great day with a refreshing wake-up and productive energy.

bathroom window coveringsMaximum View. Dynamic Atmosphere.

You have a beautiful view, and chances are, you don’t get a lot of time to enjoy it during the week. Why not wake up and spend time surrounded by your amazing landscape while you get ready? Silhouette window shades offer dynamic atmosphere with softened light, while the sheer backing adds a level of privacy. Similar to shutters, the fabric vanes are adjustable along a range–perfect for your personal comfort and light control. Let in the natural light to start your day off right, with bathroom window coverings that create just the right environment. Don’t miss out–for a limited time–find out about special savings we can offer you on your selection of Silhouette window shades!

bathroom window coveringsValuable Efficiency. Perfect Daylighting.

The Denver area boasts amazing views and tremendous light. Harness that light with valuable daylighting that is easily ushered in through top down bottom window coverings. Duette shades protect the other rooms in your home–bring them into the bathroom for the perfect combination of style, privacy and light control. And did we mention energy efficiency? It seems so far away, but the season of cold will inevitably be upon us. Don’t freeze when you get out of the shower–enjoy the benefits of bathroom window coverings that keep your home at a consistent temperature year round. Enjoy exclusive savings on top down bottom up for Duette until the end of September.

bathroom window coveringsClean Design. Striking Look.

Among our favorites, shutters combine adjustable lighting with levels of privacy and view-through. Your bathroom window coverings should provide protection against elements of moisture and direct light, like the protection provided by our NewStyle shutters and Palmbeach Polysatin shutters–both guaranteed with finishes designed to last. The clean appearance of plantation shutters will set a striking scene, while the functional elements provide as much privacy and light control as you need. Choose from the traditional look of front tilt, or the contemporary appeal of rear tilt, offering more view-through to your breath-taking landscape. Right now, through September, enjoy exclusive savings on Rear Tilt with NewStyle shutters.

The Right Way. Every Day.

Your bathroom is where your morning takes place. Create the right environment to set yourself up for success–ambient light, adjustable privacy and a gorgeous view of the Denver area. You deserve to start your day out right. Let us help! Our team, at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, would love to guide you to bathroom window coverings that will heighten the style and the function of your morning space! Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.