ClearView Invites a Dynamic View

In the Denver area, the view of the landscape is everything. The only thing better than enjoying the view, is being able to enjoy the view without the common problems you get from bare windows. We’re excited to introduce you to one of the latest innovations from Hunter Douglas: Silhouette ClearView. This revolutionary shading creates a brilliant view to your landscape, while still providing a host of benefits!


Meet ClearView

living room ClearView sheer shadesIf you’re familiar with our Silhouette shadings, you know the fabric vanes float between front and back sheer fabrics. Most people enjoy Silhouettes in the “open” position. The shade is lowered, but the vanes are parallel to the floor, making them nearly invisible as the sheer fabrics offer tremendous view-through. How does ClearView work? Like magic. The rear sheer fabric is a transparent black, offering you a dynamic view of the landscape. Think of it like the HDR version of a photograph–it’s simply a more clear, brightened, true-to-life view.


The Benefits of ClearView

ClearView fabricThe gorgeous view-through is, by far, a great benefit for homes in the Denver area. It’s like having the maximum view-through of shutters, but the protection of sheers. Sheer fabrics reduce glare, reflect direct light and offer UV protection. The vanes act as the louvers of sheer shadings to adjust for custom light control. The light that enters is diffused, but provides ample daylighting. This light control allows you to reduce your energy consumption while enjoying natural lighting in your home.


The Traditional Silhouette

traditional silhouette living roomI know what you’re going to ask–will this replace the traditional Silhouette shadings everyone has come to love? The answer is no. Why? We see this new sheer shading as a popular choice for the rooms in your home that allow you a view of the landscape. But, when you have rooms where privacy is more of a concern, the traditional Silhouette will be the answer. Also, the traditional sheer backing provides more of a “glowing” atmosphere. As a result, you’ll be be able to customize the look you want, depending on the room and the needs of the individual windows you’re dressing.


How About a Comparison?

compare ClearView and traditional silhouetteBoth the traditional sheer backing and ClearView are represented in this photo. Do you notice how the view-through to the interior of your home is more apparent with ClearView? This is one of the reasons we love that you can truly customize your home. The fabric vanes will feature the same fabrics, so when the shades are closed, you would never know the difference! But with the vanes adjusted open, the windows will offer individual customization. The traditional Silhouette shadings offer a soft, filtered view-through, while the windows with ClearView can show off the breathtaking landscape with unbelievable clarity.


Want to Experience the Latest Innovations?

This innovation of ClearView is one of a number of new products and features Hunter Douglas has launched this year. You can visit one of our Denver area showrooms to see and experience what the new fabrics and products can do for your home and your lifestyle. Have a busy schedule? We totally understand! Invite one of our designers to your home for a free design consultation where we can show you the features, benefits and fabrics of the latest innovations. Contact our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades today!