Cordless Options: Bring Safety & Convenience to Life

Every year October brings a steady stream of cooler weather to Denver along with the observance of National Window Covering Safety Month. Aimed at preventing accidental injuries and deaths from corded window coverings, the campaign urges parents and caregivers to remove the hazards to keep infants and children safe. Here at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, the safety of your family is a top priority for us–just like it is for you. That’s why we offer a wide array of cordless options designed with safety, convenience, and beauty in mind. Take a look at how outfitting the windows throughout your home with cordless options can protect your little ones and bring amazing benefits to your home and life.


cordless options Denver

In the Bedroom: Safe & Quality Sleep

  • Cordless options keep kids safe
  • Blackout solutions ensure quality sleep
  • Adjustable privacy maximizes comfort
  • Styles grow with your child from the crib to college

As you tuck your children in at night, you should step out of their rooms with the peace of mind that they’re snuggly and safe. Cordless options create a haven of secure comfort. They enable you to fashion the dark and private environment that’s ideal for getting quality sleep while ensuring your kids stay safe. Our LiteRise lifting system is so easy to use; therefore it’s a favorite for kids’ bedrooms. You simply use your fingers to raise or lower your blinds and shades. If your little ones wake up in the morning and want to see outside, they can easily nudge their shades up all by themselves.


cordless options DenverIn the Playroom: Protected & Joyful Play

  • Child-safe window coverings protect kids at play
  • Durable materials make cleaning a breeze
  • Easy operation offers convenient adjustments
  • A range of privacy options create the perfect environment

If you have them, you know…children are curious and creative! They are constantly exploring and turning everyday objects into toys. Dangling cords from window coverings seem like nothing to us. But, they easily turn into lassos, necklaces, tightropes for figurines, and much, much more. It’s easy for kids to get tangled or worse. Rooms devoted to play should feature cordless options so that your little ones can have fun and so that you don’t have to worry. Shutters are a popular choice for playrooms because they’re cordless by design. There’s absolutely no danger! Plus they’re durable, easy to clean, and offer adjustable light control and privacy to create the perfect environment for your child’s imagination to run wild!


cordless options DenverEverywhere Else: Secure & Enjoyable Living

  • No dangling cords mean no danger
  • Adjustable light control ensures the ideal atmosphere
  • Motorized and automated operation enhances life
  • Options for room darkening set a perfect scene

It’s crucial to have cordless options in bedrooms and playrooms. But those aren’t the only rooms your children have access to on a day-to-day basis. Your home is their home, so safety at the window has to extend throughout all of your living spaces. Motorization is an amazing way to ensure safety and bring incredible convenience to your life. Control of motorized window coverings happens with a simple tap on a remote, wireless wall switch, or favorite device. And being able to schedule your blinds and shades to automatically adjust in sync with your daily life takes convenience to a whole new level. Serve breakfast with comfortable natural light flowing in and cuddle up for movie night…all while knowing your family is safe and secure.


Cordless Options & More: Explore with Us!

We know you want your home to be a place of comfort and safety for your whole family. That’s why it’s so important to eliminate the risks associated with dangling cords from window coverings. Therefore cordless options are truly best. LiteRise, shutters, and motorization are only the beginning of the the child-safe operating systems available for your home. We’d love to help you enhance safety, beauty, and function in your home. Stop into one of our three Denver-area showrooms to experience all your options firsthand. Or, invite us over to explore them right in your own home. Contact our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for a free, in-home consultation today.