Discover Layered Fabrics for Your Home

There are many ways layered fabrics can elevate style. Consider your wardrobe for example, by adding a pair of red heels and a patterned scarf to a plain black dress, you have become a style icon. You can do the same for your home with layered fabrics at the window. Today, we can teach you how to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary with layered fabrics. 

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The Softer Side

Even though Denver is known for its sunny days, we still love soft, light colors to brighten the home. Insert, the neutral palette. With colors such as beige, gray and white things can get a little boring if you let them. Our designers have found that by creating height and dimension at the window with layered fabrics, you can have it all. Look at the design below. Nailed it.

traditional bathroom with window shades for privacy and light control


The Moody Vibes

It seems like every look is on-trend these days, including dark and moody. But there is a time and place for everything and with a moody aesthetic you have to know when to say when. When you are considering a darker palette, try layered fabrics to even out the look. Mix patterns with solids to strike that perfect balance. But, there’s one more important step. To complete the style, bring in plenty of light colors. You can have a moody color and a soft neutral color living together in harmony. 

folding fabric roman shades with drapery panels on gold hardware Denver CO

Style + Function

Yes, you can add functions such as privacy, light control and energy efficiency into the design of your window treatments. Layered fabrics don’t only look incredible but can improve the comfort of your home in so many ways including room darkening or automation. We can help you think of everything. 

drapery and roman shades in layered fabrics at the window in Denver home

Now that we have considered the function of your treatments, the fun begins! Make your space look amazing with a mix and match of colors and patterns from our collections. This window style takes a common solid shade and makes it extraordinary, simply by layering it with patterned draperies. Amazing. 

Layered Fabrics in Your Home

With a little bit of help, you can get the look of layered fabrics in your home. We are experts in home design and can style each of your windows with privacy, light control and energy efficiency in mind.  Why not make your home look great AND feel comfortable too. Get in touch with our team today, we can visit your home for a FREE consultation. Or, if you prefer to visit our showroom to see what we can offer, we’d love to meet you.