Five Valuable Tips When Buying Window Treatments: How to Make Your Project a Success

Window treatments are an investment. Choosing the right company is vital to the success of your project and your satisfaction for years to come. At Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, our business model was created to exceed your expectations for a level of service and guarantees that out-match any other company. We compiled this list to provide you with the information to help you make the best decision when hiring a company for your next project. Knowledge is power.

icon_513191.  Find a reputable company.

You can spend a lot of money with a potential company, so it is very important to choose an established company with roots in the community. You should feel comfortable with the level of experience that the company has, in addition to having a reputation for offering you the services and guarantees that will make your project a success. A quality company will have storefronts available to shop, sample and inquire about full-size displays of custom window covering products and lift systems, while being served by trained professionals in the window covering industry. From the moment you visit the company’s storefront, to the experience of your in-home consultation, you should feel like the company respects your time and your home. This will be a strong indicator of the level of service you will receive. Find out what the business has to offer for each step of the way, including the services offered after the project is complete, knowing that sometimes things can go wrong. Look to their website for a gallery of projects that have recently been completed. Read the reviews and testimonials. It is so important to know how they have treated previous clients. Everyone makes mistakes, but how a company handles those mistakes and the policies they have in place is important.

icon_29852. Evaluate your in-home consultation.

A quality company will provide you with thoughtful advice and information from a window treatment specialist,  in order for you to make the best choice for your home and lifestyle. The window treatment specialist should be able to speak freely and comfortably about various window treatments. If you get the feeling that the company is pushing a product you do not want, or if you feel high pressure to buy, take your business elsewhere. You deserve service from a company that is there to consult with you,  always listening to your needs to help guide you towards the products that will enhance your home.


icon_19423. Know what it takes for a quality installation.

This is something that many people do not think about until it is too late. You want a company that employs its installers. This ensures that you are getting the best service. When a company employs its installers, the company invests in those installers with quality training and supervision. The company provides the proper tools and equipment necessary for installation. The company pays for insurance in case of accidents. Sub-contractors may be able to install your window treatments, but there is no guarantee that your house will be in clean, working order when they leave. If something goes wrong, and the sub-contractor gets hurt in your home, you must foot the bill because many of them do not carry the proper insurance. Find out about the guarantees the company has set in place if something goes wrong after the install. A quality company will go above and beyond to stand behind their work and make sure you are satisfied.

icon_304394. Choose the right product.

Quality window treatments are an investment that you should love for years to come. They set the stage for a beautiful atmosphere in your home. They protect your home and offer you exponential benefits for lifestyle and comfort. They can save you money. They can offer you all of these things…as long as you buy a quality product. Choosing a company that offers you high quality products with competitive pricing will ensure you the highest value for your investment. Remember, you get what you pay for. This expression rings true. Custom window treatments are an investment that improve your home and lifestyle. You won’t receive a high level, custom product at a fraction of the price. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of a company that markets pre-made blinds as custom, by simply cutting the blinds to fit. Be careful of companies that push you to buy certain products; it may be all they offer, or it may be what is going to make them more money. A company that offers you an unbelievable deal may be offering you ‘cheap labor’ with an installer that will not do the job correctly. Getting what you pay for always leads to disappointment.

icon_536095. Hire the professionals.

Trying to do-it-yourself for a window treatment project can seem like a novel, money saving idea. There is a reason that quality companies spend money on extensive training for installers. It can be a lot harder than you think, and in the end, can cost you more in mistakes than you would have paid for a custom, quality product installed correctly. If budget constraints are keeping you from thinking you cannot afford custom window treatments, you need a company that can offer you a range of products to suit your budget without offering a low-end product. A quality company will be able to offer you choices.


When choosing a company for the investment of window treatments, choose a company you can trust. The long term value of window treatments will offer you the best solutions for your home with quality products, attentive service, timely installation with guarantees that exceed your expectations. You want a company that has your best interest at heart. The professionals at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades would love to be involved in your next project. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.