Got New Home Problems? Get Solutions!

So, you recently bought a new home. Congratulations! Buying or building a house is a big life event, and it can put you on one heck of an emotional roller coaster. One minute you’re feeling down about leaving the place you’ve called home, and the next you’re filled with excitement and anticipation for all the possibilities of someplace new. Then, once you’re finally flying high with optimism, stress sends you spiraling down. Don’t worry, though. It’s all normal! Paperwork and packing tape can get to you, and so can a whole host of new home problems. But we’re here to help ease your transition. We’ve collected four of the most common new home problems and put together some tips for how to handle them.


Problem 1: Ugh! It’s a mess in here!

One of your new home problems is sure to be mess. Whether you purchased a previously-owned home or are moving into new construction, there’s bound to be dust and a need for clean up. It might seem like one more hassle in the whole moving process, but it’s a good idea to give your new home a thorough cleaning. And, doing it before you’re buried in boxes is an even better one. We know it’s a pain, but, in the long run, you’ll feel better. You won’t have to worry about your little ones playing, or seeing construction dust as you’re putting away your dishes. Now’s the time to paint, too. It’s so much easier to put coats on walls when there isn’t furniture in the way. Plus, there’s just something about the feeling of stepping into a freshly painted room. It’s a perfect way to start making your new house into a home.

new home problems

Problem 2: I miss the comforts of my old home.

When you move into someplace new, things can feel a little off. You’re used to the comforts of your old home, and it’s only natural to miss them. When it comes to new home problems, this is a pretty easy one to fix. Start by ensuring some privacy. With a new home, you’re probably faced with bare windows. You might feel exposed or too close to your curious neighbors. Installing window coverings will quickly add comfort back into your life. If you’re not sure exactly what you want or need yet, go ahead and put up some temporary shades. They’ll get you through until you get to know your house a little better. Then, you can decide on the features and colors that’ll suit you and your home best. When you get there, it’s worth considering motorization. PowerView motorized blinds and shades will put your home over the top in terms of comfort and convenience–especially now that they’re compatible with home integration systems.

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Problem 3: What were they thinking?!

Did they really put carpet over this gorgeous hardwood? What’s with the overgrown bushes in the front yard? One of the classic new home problems is having a different sense of style or different preferences than the previous owners. It just comes with the territory. So, start a list. Better yet, start two. Have one list for changes that you can handle on your own and another for projects that will require some professional help. Even if you built your new home, there will be things you want to add and change down the road. Listing them out will make budgeting for and managing them much easier. Many companies offer free, in-home consultations. It’s definitely worth having the experts visit your home to guide you as you tackle your various projects. Their insight and knowledge can make all the difference as you move forward, so give them a call. You won’t regret it!

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Problem 4: I just want to be done!

Moving is a huge process. It takes time to unpack and settle in. So, allow yourself that time. Don’t stress about boxes still sitting around or rooms not being put together yet. It’ll happen. You’ll find that certain decor pieces fit easily into your new home while others might not work in the spots you planned. Just go with it. In fact, you might want to use your new home as an opportunity to change up your style. Take some time to browse Houzz or another site for inspiration. Whatever you do, just remember that owning a home means your work is never done. Rushing won’t do you any favors, so pace yourself and enjoy creating the home you’ll love for years to come.


New Home Problems–Solved.

Don’t let new home problems spoil the experience of owning a new home. Clean things up a bit, add in some comfort, make your to-do lists, take your time, and call us! At Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, we’d love to help you make your new house a home. When you’re ready, or even before you move in, we’ll come out to your new home with inspiration, advice, samples, and photos to help you get started. So, contact us for a free, in-home consultation.