Top Down, Bottom Up: Window Coverings to Fit Your Home & Lifestyle

The skies in Denver – there’s nothing quite like them. And when you have a beautiful view through to see a mixture of sky and landscape, why would you want to cover that up? The versatility of top down, bottom up window coverings will transform your home. Enjoy light control, privacy and energy efficiency with the benefits of daylighting and that gorgeous view.

window coveringsYour privacy is important.

Privacy is key to feeling comfortable in your home. You want your life to be your own, and your want to be able to relax, but what about the view? Enjoy our Denver skies while also protecting your privacy with window coverings that match your lifestyle. Your bedroom will be your own personal sanctuary, as the natural light flows into the room, but allows you to go about your day as you normally would. Throughout your home, the windows that showcase your beautiful view also allow an outside view in if you don’t have window coverings. Avoid the discomfort that can come with bare windows as you feature the versatility of top down, bottom up.

window coveringsAvoid common problems.

No one would ever want to admit how frustrating a sunny day can be, but we all know it to be true. Unwanted glare, direct rays – these are problems that have solutions. With the top down, bottom up feature on your window coverings, you can adjust to fit time of day based on where the sunshine is coming into your home. Don’t settle for glare in your eyes or reflected from your TV. Your home can be filled with the comfort of your desired temperature, without the worry that the direct light will heat it up. Energy efficient window coverings will provide you with solutions to this common problem, while you continue to enjoy natural light and the view you love!

window coveringsControl the light.

Window coverings will transform your home with the amazing benefits of light control. The feature of top down, bottom up allows your living space to receive as much, or as little, natural light as you want. Depending on the time of day, and the specific activity within your home, you can adjust your window coverings to fit your lifestyle. Top down, bottom up is the perfect solution for enjoying the sunshine while still inside your home. The blue sky, the trees, the mountains…you can enjoy your landscape while you decide exactly how much light is entering your home.

The sun is shining. Enjoy it. With top down, bottom up window coverings, your home will feel like new. The transformation will provide you with the beauty of natural light and your amazing view, while you feel right at home with the benefits of light control, privacy and energy efficiency. We’d love to help you with all your window covering solutions in the Denver area. Contact our team, at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, for a free, in-home consultation.