Plantation Shutters: The Beauty of Customization

With a view-through to your landscape, clean lines, and refined finishes that elegantly complement your decor, plantation shutters can add a gorgeous finish to your home. We have three collections of shutters available, and you can find out all about them in this helpful guide. Beyond which type you choose, you have many options for customization to create a stunning look for your home and incredible function for your life. Here are three of the most important features of our plantation shutters.


plantation shutters specialty shapes Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades1. Design

Plantation shutters offer superior features when it comes to design. With broad appeal in terms of style, they’re sure to fit in beautifully with your decor. A vast selection of paints, stains, and woodgrains allows you to choose a look you’ll love. If you have specialty shaped windows, shutters are a smart choice because they can be customized for arches, angles, and other unique window shapes. With options for cut outs around obstructions–such as door handles, window cranks, or window air conditioners–you can have the function you need while creating a sophisticated, coordinated look.


plantation shutters large windows Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades2. Operation

You deserve windows that function easily, and that means you need options when it comes to operation. The beauty of plantation shutters is that all of your windows and doors can have the same look while also having different operating systems. With three choices–Hinged Panel, Bi-Fold Track, or Bypass Track–you can meet the needs of your home’s individual characteristics and coordinate the design and styling of your space. Plus, each of the systems was designed with child-safety in mind.


plantation shutters rear tilt Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades3. Tilt

When it comes to the tilt of your plantation shutters, you have two choices: front tilt and rear tilt. With front tilt, the tilt bar runs down the middle of your shutters–giving it that classic shutter look. As for rear tilt, the tilt bar is hidden behind the side of your shutters, so you can’t see it at all. This look lends itself more toward contemporary styling and maximizes your view-through. With either choice, adjustment is simple. You just move a louver to the position you want, and the tilt bar, regardless of where it is, moves all the connected the louvers together. It’s that easy.


So, if you’ve been thinking that your home needs the sharp design of plantation shutters, but haven’t figured out where to start, our team is here to help. While all the options for customization allow you to get the perfect look, they can feel a bit overwhelming. Our experts have the knowledge and understanding to help you make the best choices for your unique spaces. They’ll listen to your needs and come right to your home to guide you as you determine what you need and want. Contact us at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for a free, in-home consultation to get started.