A Dynamic Impact in Small Spaces

If you have small spaces in your home, you are probably aware of the challenges that come with decorating it. You spend so much time intentionally picking the best design elements because they are easily noticed in small spaces. While this has some setbacks, the results can be amazing. Let’s explore some areas of the home that have a significant impact even though they’re working with less space.

Make the Most of the View 

Windows bring so much value to a home of any size. A benefit of smaller homes is that they can make smaller spaces seem more inviting and larger! The windows help open the home while letting natural light fill the room. Some homeowners love their windows, but also want more light control and privacy. Not to worry! We recommend opting for sheer shades. They are great at diffusing the light while emphasizing the view. An added benefit is that they close up nicely when you need to get control. 

  • For a smaller area, select furniture that has a low-profile form. By picking a couch that has shorter legs or the seat is lower to the floor, you will not feel like you’re bulking up the space. Make sure that you use the length of your room to get the most out of your space. 
A modern living area with a low-profile couch that covers the entire length of one wall. The Silhouette Window Shades are covering windows that lead out to a backyard with a pool
Silhouette® Window Shades


Divide Your Rooms 

Now, we know you don’t want to downsize your rooms. But, as the open floor plan concept grows in popularity, it’s very common in smaller homes to give the look and feel of a bigger space. However, this comes at the cost of privacy. Consider adding in room dividers. This is ideal if you wish to have a designated workspace or an area to relax. The best part of room dividers is that you can open them back up if you have family or friends over and want ample entertaining space. 

  • Designated areas in open floor plans are a great way to enjoy your home more. 
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds that divide a bedroom space from the rest of the living area.
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds


Be Smart with Your Space

When you gather around the kitchen table for a meal, are you cramped? Maybe you don’t have the space to expand beyond the confines of your eating area. As of right now, you may only be able to fit a 4-top table. This is where creativity comes into play. Adding built-in seating is a great idea to increase the amount of space. Not only will mealtimes be more comfortable, but they add a cozy factor to your home that may not have been there before. Placing some pillows in this area takes it to another level of coziness!

  • There is so much potential in the corners of your home. All it takes is an open mind and creativity to find the best way to utilize these small spaces. 

dining area with corner windows with shades halfway lowered

Establishing Multi-Purpose Rooms 

The living room typically doubles as a family room. It is where you come together after a long day, converse with friends, or read a book alone. As long as there is enough seating, everyone is happy! However, this room can serve a third purpose. Consider making it a media room. All this would take is the addition of the perfect window treatments. Opt for blackout shades to create the ideal ambiance for a movie at any time of the day. 

  • When you think of your small space, you probably think of small artwork for the walls. It may seem strange, but large-scale artwork is the way to go in small spaces. It effortlessly adds charm, color, and dimension to the room. We recommend trying this instead of a collection of smaller frames to see how your space transforms!

blackout shades for energy savings in Centennial CO

Create a Special Corner 

If you work from home, but do not have a room designated for it, that could be a problem. This is where the importance of corners comes in again! If you have a corner in your bedroom or living room that is not utilized, strategically place your desk there and see your area come to life. It’s even better if you have a window above this part of the room that allows you to look outside and enjoy the natural light throughout the day. 

  • Do you want to make your windows seem larger and your ceilings taller? This is easy! Add drapery to the shades and hang them above the window. You’ll quickly see the look and feel of your space transform.
Alustra® Woven Textures® over neutral color desk with chair
Alustra® Woven Textures® with Drapery

At Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, our team is prepared to help you find the perfect window treatments for your home. Whether you are looking to block out the sunlight entirely, diffuse it, or achieve both at different times of day, we can ensure that we are equipped with the solutions you need. Get in touch with our team today and schedule a FREE consultation. We cannot wait to get started!