Smart Home: Set Yourself Up for Success

Who would have thought that our everyday lives would change so dramatically this year. Our homes have taken on a new purpose and evolved with us. They have become the place of board meetings, third grade spelling tests and afternoon happy hours.  In 2020, having a smart home is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Is your home equipped with the best home technology needed to move you forward?

Setting the Scene

Circumstances in our homes today can change in an instant. One moment our kitchen is serving our children breakfast, and the next minute it’s hosting a Zoom call. With everyone needing their own space, it can be difficult to find somewhere in your home to go without having to move furniture. Look to smart home features for help…

smart shades on floor to ceiling windows in kitchen in Denver CO
Nantucket™ Window Shades with PowerView® Automation

By adding a little tech–and the right window treatments–you can make all rooms function as they need to. Smart Shades have the ability to transform a room instantly and create the atmosphere you require at that very moment. With Smart Shades you can enjoy a sunny breakfast one minute and remove glare from your laptop screen the next. Carry on…

Set it, Forget it

Remember the automated coffee maker? One of the ‘original’ smart home features. Set the timer at night and wake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. What a great way to start the day. By adding certain technology we can make our homes more intuitive.

powerview dashboard
The PowerView® App for Your Favorite Device

Scheduling the rise and fall of your automated window treatments not only helps in maintaining a family’s schedule but a healthy lifestyle too. It is a simple way to set the scene in your home. In addition, the window shades closing for the night is a great nonverbal cue that bedtime has arrived.

Customized for You

As we have learned throughout the year, change is the only constant in life. In some ways it’s benefitted us–more quality time at home, a new pet or a fun hobby. Every household is discovering its own new normal and your needs are very individualized. By implementing smart home technology, you can manage the way your home interacts with the family throughout the day. 

floor to ceiling pirouette Denver Co
Pirouette® Window Shades

Would you like to schedule your motorized shades to open in the morning for a view of the mountains? What about the chance to bring in some warmth from the morning sunshine? You can set the schedule yourself, or integrate your shades with your smart thermostat. Bring in warmth–close when the desired temperature is reached, trapping that heat for hours. It’s not only added comfort, it’s added energy efficiency. Smart home automation can make these small conveniences part of your everyday life.

smart shades pet sunny spot Denver Co
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

What about setting a perfect scene for Fido to take his cozy afternoon nap? Open the window shade just enough to warm his favorite spot, right on schedule, keeping the other windows covered so that same afternoon sun doesn’t put you to sleep! Take advantage of every space in your home by adding shades and blinds that automatically adjust according to your family’s routine–even the furry members! It’s simple to customize spaces with motorized shades and reimagine your home’s functionality.


A Miracle is on the Way

Maintaining a household that includes an elementary school, home office and restaurant each day is no easy feat. But smart home technology is here to help simplify your life.

man device with powerview app Denver Co

Whether you have hired Siri, Google or Alexa as your personal assistant, not to worry.  Each of these home assistants are compatible with our automated window treatment solutions with the PowerView® system.  You can use your current smart device to create a schedule for your home, just add the PowerView® App and help is on the way. The simplicity of automated window shades rising and falling at the perfect times throughout the day is nothing less less than a miracle. How we lived without it is a mystery. 

Ready for a Smarter Home

It’s amazing how we have transformed our homes to accommodate our lives–dining rooms now offices, bedrooms now classrooms. Having the ability to recreate a space in an instant by simply upgrading window treatments with smart home tech has proven important and necessary. With so many options in automated window coverings, this task has never been easier. Together, we can evaluate your Denver home and make it function flawlessly with a system that is designed with your family in mind. Contact our experts today for a free consultation.