Smart Shades: Go Green. Save Money. Live Happy.

Is it hot enough out there for you, Denver? With temps hitting the 90s lately, you’re probably ready to escape into the comfort of your cool interior. Unless…it’s not cool, and then, you’re really in trouble. We know the frustration. With your AC running around the clock, shouldn’t it be cooler? You’re spending enough money. It’s time to stop the insanity of high energy bills (with poor results!). Let us help you upgrade your home with Smart Shades. You’ll finally have the cool, comfortable, easier on the wallet (& the environment!) solution you need…

smart shades effortless adjustments in action Hunter Douglas Denver 80209

Smart Shades Integrate.

Smart Shades are capable of integrating with your Smart home system, using the PowerView Hub. That means, when your thermostat reaches a certain temperature, your Smart Shades close for the day. (No more AC running constantly.) When location services identify that you’ve pulled into the driveway, your Smart Shades open to welcome you home. Sitting on the couch after a long day, just trigger Alexa, and your automated shades will jump into position. It’s the efficiency you’ve been dreaming of–with the refreshing atmosphere you deserve!

smart shades Powerview hub Hunter Douglas Denver 80206


Automation is EASY.

Have you experienced failed attempts at creating just the right comfortable, money-saving environment? Automation replaces your effort with effortless operation! Motorized shades can be controlled by an app on your favorite device or smartphone. Within the app, you can create schedules for adjusting your shades. You’re also able to save favorite settings. Simply put, whether you’re home or not, you’re shades can always be functioning at the best efficiency for your home–or even individual windows!

smart shades control with smartphone app Hunter Douglas Denver 80238

They’re Always in the Right Place.

Need to hear that again? Smart Shades are ALWAYS in the RIGHT place. Smart home  integration allows your motorized blinds, shades or shutters to sync with your IFTTT (*if this then that) control system. You’re smart home automation is like a symphony of control. What’s better? You get to sit back and experience it–while you relax, while you save energy. There’s no more worry that you left the shades open, baking your home all day. There’s no extra effort trying to block part of the window where intense sunshine blasts in. Combining Smart Shades with a feature–like top down bottom up– just improves results. You’ll invite natural light in while keeping the brutal rays out.

Smart Shades top down bottom up Englewood 80113

It’s Time to Escape the Heat.

Your home should be your sanctuary. In the heat of the summer–and throughout the year–Smart Shades are an incredible innovation to upgrade your life. Leading the way in smart home technology, Hunter Douglas is on the cutting-edge of lifestyle improvements that make a difference in your home atmosphere, your energy bills and the environment. In the Denver area, stop on in to visit one of our two showrooms to see this technology in person. At Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, we are happy to provide FREE in-home design consultations so we can help you create the perfect environment! Contact our team today!