Spring Decorating: How Design Experts Do It

Do you have spring fever? The start of March here in Denver reminds us that warmer days are coming, and we couldn’t be happier! Are you ready to start your spring decorating, but not sure where to begin? Have you spent much of the winter scrolling through designer photos and trending designs? While design experts seem to do it without thinking, there are some tricks we could all learn from. Do you feel like your home needs a revitalization? It can feel like you’re coming out of hibernation with anticipation of springtime. Getting started on projects around your home might be just the ticket to freshening up your life–and with the added sunshine that comes with spring, you’ll feel motivated and rejuvenated. Let’s take a look at some hints that design experts rely on when styling for a new season.


Coordinate with florals of the season.

Floral arrangements are an ideal accent for your home. There’s a trick to making these centerpieces, and the look of your home, stand out. Dress it for the season. While we all love the gorgeous, warm tones of autumn and the bold, brights of summer, keep in mind how things look in springtime. New. Everything is new–buds and blossoms show the beginning of what’s to come. If you want to add unique accents to your spring decorating, coordinate the floral arrangements with what is happening just outside your windows. Hues are light and soft, and some of winter’s quiet solitude is still in place. Your home can whisper style with the color palette of the new season, and it will look completely on-trend.

spring decorating florals woven textures

Keep the sunshine under control.

Every design expert will tell you that one of the most important features of your home is the lighting. While choosing the perfect light fixture–and features–is a powerful one, your windows play a huge role in the lighting of your home. We’ve all been missing the long, sunny days of summer. But with the introduction of springtime, you’ll soon be reminded how frustrating too much sunshine can be. Yes, even the happiness of sunshine can seem unbearable if you have too much.

To keep the sunshine under control, you’ll want window coverings that allow you to enjoy the light and the view outside while protecting you and your home from negativity. Sheer window shades filter soft light so the glare is diffused and the UV rays are kept out. Top down shades let you adjust them so you get glorious light in across your ceiling, while the direct heat stays out. Motorized shades and blinds give you control at your fingertips so you can simplify the adjustments–and enjoy them in an instant.

spring decorating light control

Give yourself a fresh start.

Are you ready for a new beginning? If you’re thinking of spring decorating, you might be ready for a fresh start. Painting walls is a great way to begin. Have you seen the latest debate between gray walls and beige? Instead of being against each other, these two popular hues have joined forces for a stunning style collaboration. And, we love it! “Greige” has been coined as the phrase of the day. The best part? It goes with everything. You’ll find it in a range of shades, some leaning towards taupe, which has slightly more brown to it, and some shades have a bit more gray. Give yourself the blank canvas you need to kick off your spring decorating.


Tidying up will change the look.

These are the thoughts that run through my head as I scroll through my favorite design photos…Does anyone actually live there? Where are all the baskets of laundry? How long did the room actually look that clean? And of course…How long did it stay that way? It’s true that we probably wouldn’t be as inspired by looking at photos of rooms with clutter, but it seems like an impossible feat somedays. And, that’s what’s important to remember…

Make tidying up easier on yourself by clearing away clutter. There’s two steps to follow. First of all, get rid of things you aren’t using, or items you no longer want. They’re only acting as a burden. And second, when you get a chance to evaluate the clutter in your home, (we all have it, by the way), ask yourself, “Does everything have its own place?” Creating systems in your home to tidy up is extremely important. A place for everything. That way, when you do have a chance to tidy up, not only will it go faster, but your things will be out of the way and organized.

spring decorating style trends

Spring decorating will help you make your house your home.

No matter what’s happening in the design world, you need to surround yourself with what you love. You’ve heard us say it before, and we will say it again. When you are spring decorating, or decorating during any season of the year, you should rely on your gut instinct about what makes you happy. Colors, patterns, textures and accents–they should all speak to your heart. Making your house into your home means creating an atmosphere you love.

The style experts at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades would love to help you with your spring decorating. Stop into one of our three showrooms to see displays, samples of fabrics and materials, talk to a designer and feel inspired to get started on your next project. We’re happy to visit you for a free, in-home consultation where we can guide you to the window coverings that will transform your home and your lifestyle this spring–and throughout the year. Contact our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades to get started today!