Which Roman Shade Style Do You Love?

Your style speaks to your personality. Which designs do you love? Trendy and modern? How about the timeless classics? Fitted, sharp, and clean? Perhaps you love geometric patterns and bright colors. No matter what speaks to you, there is a Roman shade style to fit your home and personality. Let your personality shine through your decor. Whether it’s the choice of flowers for your dining table’s centerpiece, the accent color in your living room, or the way you layout your bedroom, your home should represent who you are and what you love. Take a look at the different Roman shade styles, and find the perfect shading for you.


Shady Grove Kitchen
 You love traditional looks. The lighting, seating, and decor all represent classic design. If this sounds like you, consider this Roman shade style. Raise the shades to dress your windows in neatly arranged folds. The timeless elegance is captivating. When lowered, the fabric flattens to add a clean, put-together style to your space. Coordinate the fabric with your decor to add an even more classic, organized touch to your home.


Roman shade style vignetteDo you love knowing the newest design trends? Whether it’s reading about home automation, or painting your walls with the hottest colors, you have a passion for interior design. Picture this Roman shade style in your home. Vignette modern Roman shades are gorgeous, stylish, and contemporary. The folds of fabric represent a waterfall, similar to teardrop or hobbled shades. Add even more modern appeal with the latest technology. Motorized blinds are the “in” feature right now–they give you complete control with the touch of a button. Find the perfect fabric to represent your style, create a schedule for your motorized blinds, and watch as this Roman shade style adds function and fashion to your home.


Gold Coast Condo
In your home, there’s a space for everything–even the TV remote. Your furniture is laid out exactly how you like. Your home is organized, clean, and looks like it belongs on a magazine cover! Do you love polished looks? Then, look at this Roman shade style. Knife pleat or ribbed pleat shades dress your windows, offering an organized, structured look. The clean lines add style, all whiling giving your home a designer makeover. Incorporate the colors, fabrics, textures, and patterns you love to show off your personal style.


Roman shade style soleraYour atmosphere is just as important as style. Your rooms must have a designer-look, but also be comfortable and inviting to guests. If this is your design goal, this Roman shade style might be the perfect fit. Solera Soft roman shades offer top style with their voluminous contours. The flow of this shade mixed with your choice of color and texture balances out your home perfectly, creating a stylish and inviting space. Want even more luxury? Consider room-darkening for your bedroom, top down bottom up operation for light control, or motorization for personalized schedules. Everyone who visits will feel right at home.

Roman Shade Style for Every Personality

Roman shade style pleatYour home should represent what you love. What design styles speak to you? Whether you love clean and organized, colorful and trendy, or classic and timeless, there’s a Roman shade style that will fit your home beautifully. Do you want to see each style in person? We’re here to help find the right Roman shade for you. Contact our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for a free, in-home consultation.