Top 5 Bedroom Trends for 2017

Over halfway into 2017, we are loving the bedroom trends of the year! From luxury to comfort, and everything in between–which one of these design elements would you like to bring to your bedroom?

#1 Wooden Accents

In this year’s top bedroom trends, we’ve seen a huge increase in wooden elements. If you’re a fan of HGTV, you’re familiar with shiplap accent walls, (also known as wooden planks that appear weathered and distressed). It’s chic, with a hint of farmhouse style, yet the other elements of the room add contemporary flair. Wooden accents are not just for walls, though. Bring in one of this year’s top bedroom trends by adding unique furniture pieces, accents of branches or a carved wooden lamp base.

#2 Greenery

As the color of the year 2017, we knew we were sure to see this popping up in all areas of design. The vibrant color makes a great accent for any room in your home. But, as one of the top bedroom trends, adding actual greenery comes with a number of benefits. Potted plants cleanse the air in your rooms, but they also add a unique look. Elements of greenery, whether real or artificial, bring dimension to your space–it’s a refreshing change to traditional design.

#3 Wallpaper

It’s 2017, and wallpaper is back! One of the top bedroom trends, wallpaper adds luxury and personality in a way no other element can. Whether you love sweeping florals or metallic damask prints, you’re sure to find a wallpaper that takes your breath away. The good news? Wallpaper has come a long way, and it’s easier than ever to apply–and remove, when you’re ready.

#4 Simplicity

One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep is a clear mind. It’s very common to have trouble winding down, falling asleep, and worrying about daily events in the middle of the night. Ease the stress of your life by creating a sanctuary within your bedroom. You’ll feel refreshed waking up amidst a beautiful, simplistic setting–clutter can make us nervous and anxious. Go to sleep at night in peace and quiet. Minimalist design and midcentury modern style has taken a spot on the list of top bedroom trends this year due to the power of simplifying our lives.

#5 Layering

One of the top bedroom trends, layers upon layers add luxury, dimension, and stellar function! We love the look of layers at the window, whether it’s the waterfall of fabrics from roman shades or our newest collection of our Designer Banded shades. Combining drapery panels to frame the window, your style comes to life. Not to mention, you add layers of comfort (and beautiful design!) with cozy, custom bedding, accents pillows and blankets.

Ready to Add One of the Top Bedroom Trends?

Which one of this year’s top bedroom trends is your favorite? Are you ready for a makeover? At Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades, we know that adding design and function to your bedroom creates both a peaceful feeling and quality of life. Sleep is incredibly important for your whole family! We can help. Our design team is ready to guide you to the right blinds, shades and shutters you’ll need to perfect your space. From room darkening to automated shadings, let us help you create the ideal atmosphere. Contact our team for a free in-home consultation.