UV Protection, Style & Solutions for Your Home

The temperatures are cooling down and we’re seeing less of the sun. And while the sun may not feel as hot, the UV rays are just as strong. Did you know that lack of UV protection in your home can cause irreparable damage to your furniture, walls, decor, floors, and more? You need protection from the sunlight year-round. Here’s why…

The Problem: Bare Windows

At first glance, this room is absolutely stunning. The bare windows create an open, airy feel. There’s natural sunshine lighting up the entire room. The decor is beautiful! But, take a moment to imagine yourself sitting at this dining table. How do you feel?

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For starters, it would be hard to pick a comfortable seat. There’s direct sunlight everywhere, meaning you’ll have to deal with annoying glare. There’s no control over privacy, so if neighbors are nearby, they’ll see everything you’re doing. And, we can’t imagine the fading from the area rug…this space needs solutions!

The Solution: Window Treatments

Some people think that window treatments give you only two options: open or closed. These two options may work for some areas of your home, but other spaces need more. Custom window treatments allow you to make small adjustments to create the ambiance that you want. You can control the entering light, privacy, and how much you can see outside. 

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Silhouette® Window Shades

Before, this dining space had no privacy. There was so much sunlight, the homeowners likely never used this room. And, there was no UV protection, so their beautiful furniture was at risk of damage. Now, with custom window treatments, they get glowing, natural sunlight, they can still enjoy their view, and their home is protected from the harsh UV rays. The entire space changed with one simple solution. What solutions does your home need? Take a look at our Window Solutions for ideas. 

Let’s Add UV Protection to Your Home

The right window treatments will bring home more than UV protection, privacy, and light solutions; they’ll also complete your design with a unique, custom style. You can choose the exact solutions you need while showing off your personal style. 

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Applause® Honeycomb Shades

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