Why Grandparents Need Child Safe Blinds

If you’re a grandparent, the giggles, the hugs, the pitter patter of little feet–you know this is what memories are made of. And, we couldn’t agree more. As any parent will tell you, it’s the giggles and squeals that give you peace of mind…as long as children are within view. What happens when they slip away? And, even worse…what’s going on when children get quiet? We have ONE question for all the grandparents out there: Do YOU have child safe blinds in your home?


Child Proofing 101

In today’s world, first time parents are child proofing their home well before it’s necessary. Cabinet doors are locked down even as little Johnny starts crawling. Gates are installed to prevent falls and accidents.

child safety cord safe blinds Hunter Douglas Denver 80206

At the peak of social media sharing, every parent has heard of the dangers of cords in the home. Child safe blinds are installed to keep cords out of harm’s reach. Current cords are locked in position to prevent tangling dangers. Visit our Child Safety project on Houzz for ideas for your Denver area home!


Grandparenting in the Age of Child Proofing

We’ve seen the photos, we know the stories. Cars without car seats, children playing freely outside, babies sleeping in any position they want–our world has changed where the rules apply to raising children. The safety regulations of today are there to keep little ones safe. Parents know the realities and dangers of raising children everyday. But, it can be easy to forget when the little ones aren’t around everyday.

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Isn’t this picture beautiful? Children calmly coloring, quietly obeying while the adults go about the day–cooking, cleaning, reading a book. While it might be a beautiful scene, this is NOT the reality of having children in your home. Children can be loud, rambunctious, and creative. The ONE reality of this photo is that the dangers of cords are non-existent. Child safe blinds and shades are available in the Literise operating system–cordless, simply adjusted with the gentle push or pull of your hand on the bottom rail.


What Could Happen?

For parents and grandparents, you never think it’s going to happen to you. That’s the story behind every terrible tragedy. But, it DOES happen. What seems like it could be easily prevented from constant supervision, an accident can happen with seconds. And the dangers of cords are no exception. Imaginations take over. Those cords become lassos, jump ropes, handcuffs and necklaces.

dangers of blind cords

A recent trip to the Post Office was a strong reminder. Five minutes. My children absolutely could NOT keep their little hands off of the cords. Could NOT. In the end, I was the one who got tangled. What does this tell us? Even in supervised situations, with well-behaved children, dangling cords are TOO tempting to pass up, and tangles can happen no matter how careful you’re being. Of course, you’ll tell them to leave the cords alone. It might even work, especially in your presence. But, left to their own devices? Alone in a room? Cord safe blinds and shades are a must.


What Are the Choices in Child Safe Blinds?

Thinking about how to childproof your home can seem overwhelming. But, you want the visit from your grandchildren to be enjoyable and safe. Let us help you get rid of the dangers of cords so you can rest easy, and just focus on the memories you’ll make. Cordless blinds and shades are available to remove the dangers of cords. These window coverings come with both manual and motorized operating systems.

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There are also “cord safe” systems that allow to have a cord that features safety as a top priority. Based on your home and your needs, our team can help you choose which operating system will fit you best. Contact our team at Rocky Mountain Shutters & Shades for your free shop-at-home appointment.