Styling a New Home: 6 Tips to Make Life Easier

Do you have a move upon you? Are you seeking inspiration for styling a new home? The whole process can bring up mixed emotions, as it can be a bit chaotic and exciting all at once. Our experts have narrowed in on 6 tips to help you get settled quickly and seamlessly into your new home.


1. One Room at a Time

Taking the process one room at a time, rather than trying to tackle it all at once, will help to keep the overwhelm at bay. What are the rooms you and your family use most throughout the day? Focus on those first. By eliminating the boxes and decorating those most used rooms first, you will feel more comfortable in your new home right off the bat.

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As for decorating, it’s key to start in a room where your family can relax and gather away from the chaos of moving boxes. Set up and style a room, such as the living room. You’ll be able to take a break and feel a bit “normal,” capable of enjoying your new home right off the bat!

2. Declutter BEFORE You Move

One of our top tips for styling a new home actually happens before you even get to the new house! Decluttering allows you to purge items you no longer use or love and donate them. This will ensure they go to a new house that will give them a whole new life. And another benefit? Decluttering means you’ll have less to pack up and less heavy boxes to handle.

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3. Reuse the Favorites

Speaking of before you move, one more step you can do prior to loading up the big truck is selecting your favorite items and imagining how you will use them in the new house.

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These old favorites of yours can be used the same or be reimagined and reused in different ways/rooms entirely in the new house. Doing so will give them new life and make them feel to you all over again!

4. What Can Colors Do?

Colors pack a big punch. Whether you lean more toward neutrals or prefer big and bold… the right colors for your space are the ones that speak to you!

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5. New Home, New Decor

While we’re all for repurposing and reusing what you can, to save on budget and be more sustainable… some new decor is always a fun addition to a new house. When it comes to styling a new home, look to sources like Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz for endless inspiration photos to spark ideas for your own space.

White Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades
Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades


6. Transform with Window Treatments

Previously, we have talked about 8 ways window treatments can transform your home. Those eight still hold true and our main priorities when it comes to helping you with your home are considering privacy, safety, comfort, and light control.

Room darkening shades above window seat in bedroom
Top Priorities: Child Safety, Privacy, and Room Darkening.
  • Safety: Old window treatments can be a safety hazard to small children and pets alike. Whether they’re not secured well, have dangling cords, or are broken and sharp… it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Privacy: Nobody wants to be on display all day long like they live in a fishbowl. 
  • Sleep: Sleeping in new surroundings can be difficult at first, room darkening shades are a great way to improve sleep right off the bat.
  • Comfort: It’s never comfortable when there is a hot glare peering through on a sunny day or a brisk draft on a cold winter evening… Comfort is key! And the right window treatments can help.


Styling a New Home- Ready to Get Started?

The Rocky Mountain Shutters and Shades team is eager to help you get started with styling a new home in the Denver, CO area. Our experts + a huge variety of window treatments make for a great pair in transforming any home. Visit one of our showrooms or contact us today to set up your FREE in-home consultation.