A Classic Window Treatment Debate: Romans VS Rollers

Romans VS Rollers is a classic window treatment debate. The two types of shades offer some similarities, while also being unique in their own ways. Both are great ways to transform a space, so let’s take a closer look at the two, honing in on which will fit your space’s needs the best…


Roman Shades

Roman shades feature an internal cord system used to raise and lower the fabric folds into place. When not in use, the fabric gracefully folds into itself, gathering near the headrail. Then, when you’re seeking more light control or privacy, it’s easy to lower them into place. There are a few different looks you can have within the roman shades family, we’re here today to show you the three most popular styles.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades

  • Cascading fabrics overlap slightly when in use
  • Fabric folds into stacks when being raised up
  • The folds gather at the top to not block the view

glass patio doors covered with gray roman shades for trapping heat
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Woven Textures Roman Shades

  • When raised up, the fabrics gather in stacks
  • Fabrics position flat when lowered
Cream fabric window treatments next to black trim for high contrast detail
Alustra® Woven Textures® Roman Shades


Custom Roman Shades

  • The flat front style shows off every beautiful inch of the fabric when they are lowered
  • Fabric gathers into folds when raised up out of view
  • Different details offer even more dimension
  • Fabrics available in specialty patterns and prints

soft blue floor to ceiling custom drapery with uniquely patterned window shades
Custom Roman Shades

Roller Shades: An In-Depth Look

Roller shades are comprised of fabrics that lie flat when in use, rolling seamlessly into the headrail when raised up. Rollers, like romans, have been around for many, many years now. However, today’s roller shades have been upgraded many times from the original, offering more versatility, functionality, and style than ever before.


Designer Roller Shades

  • Light filtering or room darkening fabrics available
  • Roll up completely out of view

Hunter Douglas designer shades in denver CO
Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades


Designer Screen Shades

  • Five different opacities available
  • Roll into headrail and out of view
  • Designed to preserve the view

Bedroom with designer screen shades Centennial, CO
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades


Custom Roller Shades

  • Specialty patterns and prints available for fabrics
  • The custom look allows the shades to emulate your personality into your space
  • Rolls up out of view
Floral roller shades above window seat in Centennial CO
Custom Roller Shades


Side-by-Side Look: Romans VS Rollers

After being introduced to the two further, are you leaning more one way or the other? The good news is both are stylish, highly functional, and able to transform your space! Here’s a side-by-side look to give even more details into the choice between romans vs rollers.

Romans VS rollers comparisons and contrasts

Combining Favorites: Rolling Romans

Rolling romans can best be described as a perfect combination between romans and rollers. They offer the timeless look of romans, with the rolling feature of roller shades. This may be a great way to settle the Romans VS Rollers debate for your space. The Vignette Collection offers stunning options of rolling romans that are definitely worth exploring if you’re having a difficult time choosing one style shade over the other.

Rolling romans in airy bedroom
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


The Choice is Yours!

With no right answer, the choice simply comes down to your personal preference. Both romans and roller shades are great options that will be timeless classics for years to come. After all, that’s why the whole Romans VS Rollers debate started! The Rocky Mountain Shutters and Shades team is here and eager to help you get started, and along every step of the way. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.